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DynaScan High Brightness LCDs and 360° Displays

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  • Superior Daylight Visibility - LCD Brightness up to 7,000nits
  • Sizes from 32" to 84"
  • LED backlighting with local dimming
  • Incredibly high contrast ratio - 1,000,000:1
  • Narrow bezel for video wall applications
  • Natural daylight colour quality - D55 and D65 standards

DynaScan Technology Inc. is an innovative digital signage display manufacturer, providing a full range of high bright/sun light readable and narrow bezel professional LCDs as well as the award winning line of DynaScan 360° cylindrical LED video displays.

DynaScan’s digital signage products have been installed in locations around the world for use in advertising, public information and entertainment where sun light would make a normal LCD screen unreadable..

DynaScan’s DS² line of High Brightness LCDs utilises a proprietary system of LED backlighting, which is not only more energy efficient than traditional CCFL backlights, but is significantly brighter. DynaScan has applied its LED expertise to create a collection of LCDs with maximum brightness ratings up to 7,000 cd/m², which can easily be viewed in storefront windows or outdoor enclosures in direct sunlight. They also feature a beautifully sharp FHD picture and an excellent contrast ratio.

Dynascan High Brightness LCD's can be used in: 

  • Shop front windows
  • Public advertising displays
  • Kiosks
  • Atriums
  • Indoor displays and video walls
  • Sunlight saturated areas


Want to see more? Head over to the Dynascan USA website to browse through an extensive gallery of the DS² and the 360° displays in action.