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Reactec wins major construction industry award in the UK

Australian distributor, JEA Technologies, is proud to announce that Reactec has won the prestigious Technology Supplier of the Year award in the UK. Reactec’s flagship product, HAVWEAR, stole the show by demonstrating its huge potential to protect workers and change behaviours in industry for the better.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, two million workers are at risk from hand arm vibration syndrome, with over 300,000 workers having been diagnosed at an advanced stage. A solution to this prevalent, yet still under-appreciated, condition requires sophisticated innovation - which is where Reactec comes in.

The HAVWEAR is a wrist device, like a simple watch, that is able to advise workers of tool vibrations, informing and calculating real-time risk exposure. It will then send that data through to associated web-based service to be analysed by the firm.

The judges were particularly impressed by the personal element of the HAVWEAR, also noting that it was a product that “will influence tool manufacturers and the marketplace”. The panel appreciated that Reactec had come up with a single innovation that focused on the wellbeing of employees, and that it was fundamentally designed to “change behaviours” within the wider industry. The data received is stored and sent to management via a docking station for analysis, which, in turn, aids firms in reducing and removing risks completely.

“Reactec has found a solution to an industry problem, which impacts both the industry market and, importantly, the health and safety of the workforce”

Reactec cited the numerous benefits experienced by Willmott Dixon, which provides the tool to both its employees and subcontractors. It found that heightened health and safety awareness through use of the device had contributed to an increase in productivity as well.

The judges said that not only was the tool tackling health and safety, but the productivity benefits were also allowing firms to work out better plans to prevent incidents. The HAVWEAR is not without its financial benefits, either, with Reactec arguing that reducing health and safety incidents means firms are less likely to face HSE fines.

With more than 7,000 units sold in the past year, predominantly in the construction industry, Reactec has clearly started to turn a few heads – and its innovation is proving a real pull-factor for employees.

The firm’s current business development manager moved to the company based on the ease-of-use innovation that Reactec was displaying, specifically within construction.

Ultimately, the judges were swayed by the innovative use of technology to genuinely provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to a significant industry problem – one that goes above and beyond the required industry standard and directly affects the workforce’s health and safety.

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