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Synergy Pharmacy Group prescribes digital signage rollout at Rose Bay pharmacy

Synergy Pharmacy Group is committed to providing excellent health care in a changing health care market. With a collection of 10 pharmacies located across Adelaide and NSW the Pharmacy Group expressed a commitment to engaging with new digital technologies in order to provide the best level of service to their customers.

When renovated, the iconic location of Sydney’s Rose Bay was envisioned as a store where the installation of digital signage would be a key component of operations for the Pharmacy Group. Endeavouring to find digital signage solutions that were not only affordable but provided a first class digital experience, Melbourne based company Inside 100 Retail Solutions was chosen to assist in the renovations of the store.

Boasting a Chameleon Media Player, by iSIGN Media Corp. (, that was not only cost effective but could also be centrally managed by the Inside100 team; two 55-inch LCD displays were installed in the store to promote Synergy’s national brands as well as their in-store services.

Chris Pappas, CEO of Melbourne based Inside 100 said Chameleon technology was a perfect low cost digital hardware and cloud based solution for the Pharmacy group due to the way in which it promotes a deeper engagement between brands and their consumers.

The effectiveness of the Chameleon media player (C4DS) stems from the capability to run from a cloud based server, rather than installing a PC driven system. The simple dashboard interface is complimented by the ability to be used between one to 100 display units.

The Chameleon technology used is hardware agnostic, allowing the other stores operated by Synergy to later implement the technology without having to make system alterations or invest in new LCD display units as it will work with existing hardware.

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