Agriculture is a major industry in Australia, it employs just over 300,000 people directly and over 1.6 million indirectly. Agriculture is steadily modernising with introductions of technology such as digital control systems, wireless and satellite communications, drones and other autonomous devices. JEA Technologies supplies and supports many different high tech devices to the agriculture industry.

Below is a summary of what products are applicable to this industry.

Robustel Industrial router and modems 4
Cellular Routers and Modems
Kingdy industrial all in one PCs and touch monitors being used in industrial automation
Industrial Touch Monitors
Shuttle Slim PC front face
Rugged Tablet
Rugged Tablets
RFID Printer
RFID Printers
7in underground mine touch screen
Touch Screen Sensors
Powercap Infinity
EVO hard hat in orange
Hard Hats
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