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Bank Note Recycler (BNR)

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  • Customer friendly and high speed
  • Escrow capabilities to deliver same cash back to customers
  • Bulk dispense of up to 15 notes
  • 100% accountability wth internal counters
  • Up to 3 dual recycler modules
  • Up to 3 loader modules
  • Various bezel options

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The BNR (Bank Note Recycler) links industry leading cash accepting technology with a robust four denomination recycling system. The BNR was designed to mimic cash handling capabilities of a human cashier yet provides greater security and cash management benefits.

The BNR’s modular design leave the configuration capabilities wide open making it ideal for applications in self-checkout, retail payment, financial services and transport markets.

Lower Cash Handling Costs

Start-up float is reduced up to 90% and the quantity and value of notes handled is lowered by as much as 70% through cash recycling and best-change algorithms. Machine uptime is improved, labour costs are lowered and shrink is dramatically diminished because the BNR reduces the need for cash interactions.

Improved Security

Float is provided in a locked cassette that initialises the system and is validated using advanced recognition technology. All cash transactions are optimised and simplified by a single device. Reconciled funds are accounted for electronically and stored in a single locked cashbox. The BNR facilitates a closed-loop cash system, allowing stores to simplify their cash management process and increase profitability.

Increased ROI

In many applications, the BNR can provide payback in less than a year. ROI is delivered from multiple sources including improved machine uptime, cash back functionality, reduced CIT needs, an enhanced consumer experience and reductions in float, shrink and labour.

Note Width 60 - 83 mm wide, 120 - 182 mm long
Power Supply 24VDC (-10% +20%)
Power consumption

Standby: 0.5A

Peak: 10A


USB 1.1 12Mb/s

Datalink Protocol USB
Dialgoue BNR - XFS
SDK BNR SDK, API for Win32, .NET and Linux

Complete product: 23.6 kg

Cashbox: 1.6 kg

Loader: 2 kg


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