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Bill to Bill

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  • Validates, recycles and dispenses bills
  • Reduces overall cash on hand an operating costs
  • Recycling cassettes replenish with cash transactions - saving on refill costs
  • Tool free front access
  • CCNet protocol allows for easy and remote reports
  • Battery backup ensures transactions are complete
  • Optional infrared communication allows for remote statistical analytics

Bill-to-Bill recycler is a fully integrated, high security, front loading system that utilises advanced bill recycling technology for cash and cashless transactions. It precisely validates, recycles, dispenses and bundles cash, breaks bills for change and processes smart card transactions - all in one consolidated unit!

By virtually eliminating labor costs, the Bill-to-Bill automates the sales transaction process. Efficient, evolved and intelligent - it delivers to your business a measurable return on investment by providing unparalleled accuracy. Stop worrying if your cash is being handled with integrity: the Bill-to-Bill places a series of automated checks and balances in the sales cycle, reducing your costs and making money for your business.

Integrated Components

The fully integrated Bill-to-Bill currency management system includes a bill validation module, bundling bill dispensing module, power supply module, up to three bill recycling cassettes, and a lockable drop cassette.


All components of the Bill-to-Bill are completely modular in design. This offers maximum performance and customization. The design allows for quick, tool-free, front service access.

Cutting Edge Sensor Technology

Multi-spectrum optic sensors simultaneously scan both sides of the bill for optimal pattern recognition. A patented, non-contact inductive sensor maximizes counterfeit detection and a scientifically developed dielectric sensor detects paper density, security threads and watermarks. The result is integrity of identification with a validation rate of 96% or greater on first bill insertion.

Recycling Cassettes

Developed to replenish with cash transactions, thus saving on refilling costs and the expense of high float levels. Each of the three recycling cassettes can be programmed to accept any bill denomination or currency, storing up to 120 bills and can be programmed for an escrow function. Designed to ensure double bill payment does not occur in error, the unique bill storage and dispensing process keeps your profits secure. Further, up-to-the-minute reporting is available through CCNet protocol, which communicates the content and status of the cassettes as well as vital operating parameters.

Superior Security

Keep your cash secure with two optional drop cassette locks and a patented third lock built into the validator frame. A fourth lock is also available to secure the entire recycling assembly.

Bill Width Validated

67 or 71 mm wide (fixed width)

62 ~ 82 mm wide (multi-width)

Bill Insertion Four way
Validation Rate 96% or higher
Escrow Multi-bill programmable
Sensors Patented optical, inductive, dielectric, cross-channel (anti stringing) and barcode
Bezel Options



LED w/ digital display (optional IR port)

LED w/ digital display & smart card (optional IR port)

Interfaces Bi-directional (RS232), USB
Protocols CCNet
Program Memory Flash memory
Operating Voltage 24V DC
Power Requirements 4A max.
Operating Temp 0° ~ 50°C
Validation M.T.B.F. 1.5 million cycles
Dispenser/Switch M.T.B.F. 1.5 million cycles
Dimensions 163 x 569 x 378 mm (W x H x D)
Weight < 15 kg
Cassette Sizes 600 or 1000 bill capacity
Drop Cassette Options Up to two custom locks, iButton memory
Recycling Cassette 3 x 120 bill capacity intelligent cassettes
Dispensing Cassette 1 cassette; bundles and dispenses up to 20 bills


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