Case Studies

Take a look at where our technology is being used around Australia, below are just a few examples among many successful projects.

ZYTC049 Banlaw Xpress Controller

Rugged and reliable – how Zytronic's touchscreens enable safe refuelling on remote sites

2 December 2021.  When developing a new field controller for its fuel management system, Banlaw, the premium supplier for off-road liquid transfer, measurement, and control solutions, wanted a user interface that could thrive in harsh industrial work environments anywhere in the world, such as remote mines and quarries. The developers also wanted a touchscreen that would work with gloved hands, provide reliable, year-round, low maintenance operation, and be readable in both direct sunlight and the middle of the night. As a result, they chose a high-brightness industrial-grade display fitted with a rugged, custom-designed Zytronic ZyBrid® touch sensor and a bespoke serial touch controller.

The Banlaw Xpress Field Controller is the central component in a complete fuel management system and is built to withstand harsh operating environments, provide ease of use, and deliver secure fuel inventory monitoring and control. The compact unit manages user and equipment identification, pump control, ball-valve control, and flow metering for up to four refuelling nozzles. It also provides precise, real-time tank gauging for four fuel tanks.

Banlaw wished to collaboratively develop a fluid asset management product to satisfy customer needs. "Component pricing and the expected longevity were important when deployed on industrial worksites," says Sebastian Hoppe, Engineering & Development Manager, Banlaw. "However, a supplier with the subject matter expertise to help us achieve better together was more important, which is why we chose to work with JEA Technologies and Zytronic."

Working closely with JEA, Zytronic designed a bespoke, printed glass 7" ZyBrid® projected capacitive touch sensor incorporating UV and IR filters to aid system thermal management and protect the underlying display from damaging exposure to sunlight. A 6mm thick, thermally toughened antiglare etched glass was chosen, ensuring optimum impact resistance, and reducing sunlight reflection in the frequently scorching weather experienced by Banlaw's customers in Australia, Africa, the Americas, and beyond.

In addition to the dynamically changeable touchscreen, a fixed keypad was also required to allow frequently used information such as driver secure PIN codes, truck mileage or odometer readings to be quickly entered into the Banlaw Xpress Controller. Consequently, working closely with JEA and Banlaw's engineers, Zytronic designed the rugged touchscreen from a larger piece of glass and then printed the required viewable area together with 'hard coded' capacitive keys and an RFID reading point beneath a 10.2" touch active zone. In addition, Zytronic modified its standard ZXY100™ serial controller to incorporate both dynamic touch and fixed keys managed through the same device. The overall benefit was to reduce the complexity of integrating multiple components and the size of the high brightness industrial-grade display required, and therefore overall system cost.

"This combination and integration of a projected capacitive keypad together with a touchscreen in a single user interface really helped our product development process," adds Hoppe. "Furthermore, liaising with JEA Technology and Zytronic throughout was excellent. Both organisations added their specialist expertise, yielding fast responses and collaborative solutions for creating this new Xpress fluid asset control technology."

Utilising Zytronic's complete in-house "ownership" of touch control electronics coupled with its ability to quickly design and manufacture highly customised touchscreen designs, even in low quantities, Banlaw and its technology partners have already completed the first 20 Xpress deployments. These implementations have predominantly been for mines and quarries, and the company expects to build around 170 in the coming year. The Xpress Controller also meets the needs of many agriculture, road transport, rail, construction, and liquid food production operations. The affordability of Banlaw's new Xpress solution is expected to drive uptake by these other industries that historically have struggled to invest in enterprise-class fluid asset management processes.

"I wish all my suppliers were as forthcoming and collaborative as JEA Technologies and Zytronic," concludes Hoppe.

If you would like to discuss your latest project needs, please email us at or send us an enquiry to find out more about our touchscreen technology. For more information about Zytronic's touch sensor technology, please visit:

About JEA Technologies

JEA Technologies Pty Ltd was established in 2003 as a specialist distributor of electronic peripherals covering Australia and New Zealand. The company JEA specialises in touch screens, touch monitors, commercial and industrial LCDs, cash and cashless payment products, computer products and thermal printers for kiosks, providing in-depth technical, commercial and logistics support to customers on these products. For further information, visit:

About Banlaw

As pioneers in fluid asset management, Banlaw helps mines, ports, quarries, construction, defence, railway and transport industries improve efficiency and enhance environmental and safety performance in every aspect of their hydrocarbon and fluid management. The company's technology is used daily in the harshest work environments worldwide and is designed and built for reliability and performance. The company is committed to long-term customer relationships and excellence and is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001 standards. For further information, visit:

About Zytronic

Zytronic Displays Ltd internationally award-winning touch sensors are used globally in ATMs, digital signage, self-service kiosks and gaming machines as well as by industrial and medical OEMs. The company's success rests on its patented and highly durable touch sensing technologies, which can be provided in custom designs of 85" and beyond.  These touchscreens are supplied under registered trademarks such as Zypos®, Zybrid®, Zytouch®, Zyfilm® and Zyprofilm®.

ZYTC048 D2P Sydney Olympic Park Totem

Zytronic chosen for prestigious Sydney outdoor wayfinder project

Newcastle, UK, 9th November 2021. Zytronic’s all-weather projected capacitive (PCT™ and MPCT™) touch sensors are helping visitors to the Sydney Olympic Park navigate their way around. The site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics still hosts some of Australia’s most significant events, year-round. Scattered amongst its 660 hectares are sporting venues, recreational facilities, parklands, cafes and restaurants. The Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s (SOPA’s ) Master Plan 2030 is to deliver outstanding social, economic and environmental benefits for the people of Sydney and New South Wales. Cue Design to Production (D2P) who collaborated with their media partners oOh!media to bring this to life with outdoor interactive directories, or wayfinders.

D2P is a digital communications and merchandising solutions provider that specialises in delivering enhanced customer engagement through superior design and customer experience. Whether it is digital signage, interactive wayfinders or kiosks, the Sydney based company takes a holistic approach to help venue operators, such as SOPA, engage with their community and visitors.

D2P developed the unique, double-sided outdoor interactive wayfinders supported by Zytronic’s technology partnered JEA Technologies, which is based in Melbourne. Collectively, they produced Australia’s first 75” outdoor display fitted with an all-weather, vandal-resistant Zytronic 49” ZyBrid® touch sensor on the front, enabling users to interact with D2P’s precise wayfinding software.

D2P selected Zytronic’s large-scale touch sensors for their proven high reliability, especially in outdoor applications. As these areas are mainly unsupervised, the sensor is made from 5mm thick, thermally toughened glass, which delivers optimum vandal resistance. The custom-designed touch sensor incorporates infrared and UV filters to help protect the underlying high brightness display from solar damage. It also has an antiglare etched finish that, together, allow the totems to be used and operate reliably in Sydney’s sweltering summers, with some days hitting temperatures of over 45°C.

“At almost 3m tall with its ‘Olympic Blue’ livery, the SOPA wayfinders are unmissable,” says David Astone, Director & Co-Founder, D2P. “Our intuitive wayfinding software integrates with SOPA’s web content management system to ensure there is only one, easy-to-maintain, source of truth.”

The elegant design of the SOPA wayfinder belies its rugged construction. The extremely sensitive ZyBrid® technology creates the ultimate user experience. Much like a smartphone’s touchscreen, the interactive display on the SOPA wayfinder provides a millisecond fast, accurate touch response. It also supports simple gesture controls, such as swipes and pinches, but it still works when the user is wearing gloves if the weather becomes inclement.

“Our 75″ double-sided outdoor touch screen systems do not miss a beat, a true testament to our entire team with assisting in developing our SOPA wayfinders,” adds Astone.

To watch a video that demonstrates the SOPA wayfinders, follow this link


Abuzz Landmark Wayfinder Kiosk

The Abuzz Landmark directories feature 40” landscape format Zytronic touch screens driven by the new ZXY110 touch controller. The 40" touchscreen design was a joint effort from the sales force and field knoweldge of the staff at JEA Technologies and the expert engineers at Zytronic. The touch screens have features such as a custom logo, black printed borders, rounded corners, toughened glass and multi touch capabilities.

JEA assembles the touch screen and acyrlic frame assemblies in Melbourne, Australia, before shipping them on site in Singapore.

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ARB Traralgon uses Chameleon Media Players in it's new age store

Through cutting edge technology such as Chameleon, the connection between consumers and brands transcends physical signage, to mobile and online environments where information is now at your fingertips. 

Chameleon proved to be the best product for the ARB Traralgon store as it enabled all 7 LCD screens and 110 inch Projector screen to be managed remotely from any device with an internet connection through the innovative Chameleon Dashboard. An added bonus of the Chameleon hardware and Cloud based software is the ability for additional stores or screens to be implemented in the future, with no additional IT cost or content management systems needed, due to the Chameleon Dashboard built in CMS.

The Blade ultra-slim double sided interactive kiosk uses Zytronic touch technology - web

Blade Kiosk by Design To Production

The Blade features a 55-inch double-sided HD display for an output that belies its small footprint and thin profile (40mm). The Blade also includes a low-profile base plate making it ideal for showrooms and trade shows where it is not practical to have the unit permanently installed. The elegant design, rugged construction and customisable options enable the Blade to be tailored to meet specific needs for complementing applications in retail, hospitality, education, and office environments.

The Blade uses two 55" Zytronic touch screens paired with the ZXY500 multi-touch control boards. These state of the art touch screens and controllers enable the Blade to be so staggeringly thin and not be affected electromagnetic interference. Furthermore the touch screens can be mounted almost directly in contact with the LCD, this virtually eliminates the problem of parallax.

Using Zytronic touch technology was part of the Blade’s design specification from the earliest design phase: “For the Blade to be interactive, was key,” confirms Design to Production director Peter Gordon. “That’s why we love Zytronic because they make the best, high performance capacitive touch screens."


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Continental Tyres Australia uses Chameleon Media Players

In supplying the Continental stores with the LCD screens and Chameleon Media Players, the stores now have the latest technology and software that is cloud based with the lowest cost of ownership and boosted effectiveness of their digital advertising budgets.

The Chameleon player can display most of the popular formats such as PNG, JPEG, MP4 files and can even incorporate live News and Weather feeds and stream music from hundreds of stations simultaneously.

Dynascan video wall 2

Deakin University Dynascan Video Wall

JEA Technologies partnered with systems integrator, Insight Systems, and technical consulting firm CHW Consulting to deliver an enormous 3 x 3 55" video wall using Dynascan LCDs for Deakin University's revamped Central Precinct Infill.

The video wall is situated in a commanding spot that overlooks the wide open common room. The video wall is used for live presentations, speeches, performances, news as well as AV links to Deakin University's Rusden Lecture Theatre. Read more about the project on CHW's website.

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Dynascan High Brightness Displays

Dynascan Poolside Video Wall

JEA partnered with AV specialists, Urban Intelligence, to put together a 3x3 video wall of ultra bright, 5000 nit DS55LT6 LCDs from Dynascan. This resulted in a massive 166" outdoor, poolside television for the client.  Even in direct sunlight the content showing on the screens can be clearly seen.

A perfect solution for those sunny summer days!

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FM Scanu IQ Link case study

Heavy duty touch screen used in mining industry

Zytronic’s patented Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™) has received another significant endorsement with the company’s innovative, highly durable touch sensors being chosen by leading Australian kiosk manufacturer FM Scanu for inclusion in systems deployed with mining giant BHP Billiton.

Designed to aid the management of mine personnel, the ruggedized IQ Link kiosks which each integrate a 17-inch ZYPOS® touch sensor, will be used by BHP Billiton miners to supply occupational health and safety information in a busy mine environment. It was absolutely crucial in such a demanding environment that the touchscreen was capable of reliable operation in areas where it would be constantly exposed to coal dust, grit, moisture and heavy use.

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TouchMate cinema solution 1 - small

ZXY500 touch technology is just the (movie) ticket

JEA Technologies worked closely with Queensland based company, TouchMate, to design a series of custom, printed 53" touch screens for use in video walls. The touch screens are arranged in very close proximity to each other, this would normally cause electromagnetic interference and render the touch response inadequate. However, by utilising cutting edge touch technology from Zytronic Displays we were able to overcome this problem and deliver a functionally and visually stunning solution. The touch screens feature ultra narrow borders, are made from 6mm thick toughened anti-glare etched glass and feature ZXY500 control board technology.

For an in depth write-up on this project head over to the News section.

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Touch technology in Zone 1 classified environments

The installation of electrical equipment in heavy processing facilities, such as oil refineries and chemical plants, can be very hazardous. In such demanding settings, flammable gases are likely to be present, so it is vital that every possible precaution is taken to ensure any sparks caused by electrical switching activity or fault conditions do not ignite these gases.

A solution had to provide extreme ruggedness, while at the same time possessing a high degree of usability. A touch screen interface was a logical choice, but the specification was certain to prove a challenge, as the front surface had to be very thick and completely sealed so that isolation was kept in line with IEC 60079.0/1 certifications and an IP66/67 moisture/humidity protection rating was maintained. Thus, the ET4255-HL was designed. It is manufactured in Adelaide by APC Technology.

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Touchtech Lima used in a Nike store

Touchtech Lima featured in Nike store

JEA teamed up with Spoke Visual to supply the 32" LCD, touchscreen and Lima interactive software for the Burke Street Nike store. This interactive space is a useful tool for the stores sales staff as it allows them to connect with customers in a new and memorable way. This greatly increases the probability of a sale and repeat business.

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7in underground mine touch screen

Underground Mine Touch Screen

JEA Technologies partnered with leading engineering firm, Restech, to design a touch screen that was suitable for underground mines. This touch screen needed to be rugged and reliable while still being at the right price point. It was also very important that the touch screen could be used while wearing gloves. The application of the touch screen was for a motor starter control unit.

The final design (as shown on left) is 7" in size and is fabrictaed from 6mm thick toughened glass. It features bevelled edges as well as extensive printing.

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Edge Kiosk

Abuzz Edge Wayfinder Kiosk

JEA supplies the touch screen for the award winning, interactive way finding kiosk; the Edge. The Edge Kiosk was designed by Abuzz Solutions and uses Zytronic's patented multi touch technology. The touch screen provides a highly accurate touch response as well as being very rugged which makes it perfect for unattended use in public areas.

The glass has been customised with a logo, black printed border, pencil ground edges and is thermally toughened for durability.

The Edge kiosk can be found in shopping centres all around Australia and overseas in places such as Singapore.

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Water proof touch screens in cow shed

Zytronic touch screens used in milking sheds

Zytronic has announced that touchscreens based on its projected capacitive technology (PCT) are in use in the FT range of rugged panel PCs from APC Technology.  The South Australian company has used the moisture and dirt resistant properties of Zytronic’s ZYBRID® touch sensors to provide high reliability and levels of display clarity, with resistance to a wide range of contaminants in weather conditions ranging from bright sunlight to heavy rain.

Zytronic’s ZYBRID touch sensors use an array of microfine capacitors embedded within a front faced glass and plastic laminated overlay.  Because the array is embedded below the sensing surface, it is well protected from accidental or deliberate damage, dirt, dust, contaminants and moisture.


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Boral 2

Zytronic’s rugged touch technology helps ‘chip away’ at mining bottlenecks

As a supplier of building material and aggregates, Boral has over 100 huge quarries, mining stone, gravel and sand for a wide variety of construction projects. To put the scale of Boral’s mining output into context, during the construction of the Ichthys LNG onshore process facilities at Bladin Point near Darwin, Boral’s Northern Territory quarries supplied up to 5000 tpd of aggregate. With each of the huge mining trucks capable of carrying a payload of nearly 95 t, over 50 trucks filled up at the quarries each day for this project alone.

Efficiently and quickly logging and directing each truck to the correct loading station is crucial in modern, automated mining operations. Furthermore, monitoring the weights on each truck entering and leaving a site is essential. However, the traditional system for manually processing each truck at a standalone weigh-bridge and associated office, takes considerable time and, during busy periods, creates a huge bottleneck with trucks sometimes waiting hours.

Automation and the implementation of Industry 4.0 data and analytics are already helping transform Boral’s business, speeding up processes and reducing cost. The company’s vision for the Smart Quarry is to measure its output performance in dollars per hour instead of tonnage per hour. Important to this goal is for the company to simplify and speed up the throughput of trucks entering its quarries and mines and for this, they turned to technology integration company, Touch-Mate.

A specialist in self-service kiosks, TouchMate (headquartered in Brisbane) designs and produces its products in-house. With manufacturing facilities in both Australia and the US and already thousands of installations across the globe, the company has the experience and skills to install and commission a fully functioning kiosk with a proven track record of reliability and innovation.

The initial brief was to build a bespoke quarry truck ‘check-in’ kiosk that was rugged enough to operate reliably in the harshest of environments, as the units would be deployed in remote quarries across Australia, which has several different climate zones. In the Northern Territories, which has a more tropical influenced climate, summers can be hot and humid, while in the southern parts winters are sometimes rainy. Whereas in the outback areas of central Australia, temperatures can reach over 50°C. Furthermore, dirt, grit and dust whipped up from the quarry by passing trucks was also a factor to consider.

Designed to be used in these dusty and harsh environments, the check-in kiosks are fully sealed and IP66 rated. The internal temperatures are maintained by a ventilation system that integrates positive pressure filtration with a compact heat exchange unit. The electronic peripherals were sourced from specialist distributor JEA Technologies, of Melbourne.

JEA Technologies has been partnering with Zytronic as its distributor in Australia and New Zealand for over 12 years. Zytronic’s business is geared around the provision of durable, reliable and customisable touch technology.

Working closely with JEA Technologies, Zytronic designed a printed glass 19” ZyBrid® touch sensor that incorporates UV and IR filters to aid thermal management of the kiosk. A 6mm thick, thermally toughened glass was selected, which ensures optimum impact and scratch resistance and protects the underlying display. In addition, the specified glass incorporated an anti-glare etched finish to reduce reflections in the bright Australian sunshine.

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