Corporate technology requirements are dynamic and often include integration with existing systems. The scoping, consultation and design process is critical to deliver not just a suitable system but also one that is future proof and is tailored to the project at hand. JEA has experience with a varied range of projects from complex boardroom touch tables to simple small form factor computer roll outs.

Boardroom Touchtable

Touch Screens

Touch screen sensors are becoming more and more common in office spaces and boardrooms. Touch screen sensor can be used in a simple sign in system to a customised boardroom touch table. For something a little special and customised to your specific requirements click the button below to head over to our touch screen sensor range.

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H1314P-UH 1

Touch Monitors

Touch monitors are a very versatile and a cost effective way to integrate touch technology into an office environment. They are suitable for aesthetically demanding applications and are easy to use. Ideal for locker systems, access control as well as building control panels. 

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Boardroom LCD

LCD Displays

LCD screens are the best way to display information to audiences in meeting rooms, an atrium or any other shared space. LCD displays facilitate video conferencing, presentations and dynamic information signs.

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Robustel Industrial router and modems 4

4G Wireless Routers and Modems

Wireless routers and modems are the perfect cellular backup for fixed line connections. They are also ideal for events that generally have congested fixed lines such as trade shows or small/home offices. JEA can supply a huge range of cellular routers and modems to suit any application.

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Computer systems are the backbone of modern business operations. Many different variants of computers are available from JEA such as desktop thin and thick clients, media control PCs, industrial PCs and small form factor box PCs. Part of JEAs core business is building and supply computers to industry.

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