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EVO Hard Hat

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  • EVO 3 and EVO 5 models available
  • Job specific hard hats such as mining and linesman
  • Wheel ratchet and slip ratchet tightening mechanism
  • Array of different colours available

The EVO series of hard hats are an industry leading product. They excel by superior design and offer all day comfort without compromising on safety. The EVO series is divided into two main models, the EVO 3 and the EVO 5. Both the EVO 3 and 5 have different versions available such as mining and linesman versions.

There are a couple of tightening mechanisms are available on the Evo series, these are a wheel ratchet and a slip ratchet.

A 6-point terylene cradle harness system offers unrivalled comfort and keeps the helmet stable and secure upon the wearers head.

Some models meet the EN 50365 Class 0 10KV standard for electrical insulation. This standard is applicable to electrically insulated hard hats used for working live or close to live parts on installations not exceeding 1000Vac or 1500Vdc.

Ventilation slits are also available on some models.

Large bare areas on the sides, front and rear of the hard hat allow for companies to apply branding and logos.

Each model and version of the EVO hard hat series is available in a variety of colours.

Safety Standards  
EVO 3 EN397
EVO 5 EN397, ANSI Z89.1, CSA Z94.1, GB2811, EN50365 (version dependant)
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