The energy industry is seeing a world wide shift towards renewables and storage as prices drop and technology advances. With this comes a greater need for live data and control capabilities. JEA supplies high quality and durable devices throughout Australia to suit the needs of this burgeoning energy revolution.

Robustel Industrial router and modems 4

Cellular Industrial Routers and Modems

Cellular routers and modems provide an effective and cost effective connection for remote and/or mobile equipment out in the field. They are also great as a backup connection if the existing fixed line is not reliable. Wide operating temperature ratings, dual SIM redundancy, VPN gateway, GPRS and much more mean these compact devices are an excellent choice for wireless communications.

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Kingdy industrial all in one PCs and touch monitors being used in industrial automation

Industrial Touch Monitors

Touch monitors are another major product line at JEA. While providing a similar function to our touch screen range, the touch monitors are more of an out of the box solution. Stainless steel chassis are available as well brushed aluminium (pictured) and black powder coat. Embedded fanless computers, wireless antennas, sizes from 7" to 42", up to IP67 rated and various mounting options are part of the huge range of options. Ideal for rugged control panels.

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