GoUpSafely High Voltage Indication System

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  • Simple green, orange and red light hazard level system
  • Tested for operation at 5 Kv
  • Plug and play design
  • Up to 12 voltage sensors can be installed on a single machine

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GoUpSafely (GUS) System is designed to be retrofitted to any machine with the potential to contact aerial electrical conductors during it's operation. The system detects aerial conductors and prevents parts of the machine moving within their exclusion zone, whilst also offering a return to home and call for help function in the case of inadvertent contact.

For technical details please see the brochure on the left hand side of the page.

Below is an example from WorksafeBC in Canada of how a simple mistake at work can have serious consequences. GUS is designed to prevent this kind of scenario occurring. You can view the video on YouTube by following this link. Please note, despite the title of the video it is not graphic in nature. However, it does feature an animation of the incident as well as some photos of the vehicle after the incident. Also note that WorkSafeBC is not connected to or associated with JEA Technologies in any way.

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