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Halo Hard Hat Safety Light

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  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Connects securely to any standard hard hat
  • Between 5.5 to 34 hours of run time
  • Powerful lighting and easy to use
  • Four different modes for flexible battery life and use
  • Safer and better than a typical headlamp

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The Halo is a personal, active safety system that attaches to any hard hat and produces a ring of light around the wearer. This enables the worker to be seen in all directions, at all times.

Watch the short video below for a brief but comprehensive overview of the Halo and it's features.

The Halo is specifically designed for challenging environments, it is built super tough and features an IP67 rating. This means dust, dirt, mud, water, rain and snow have no affect on the Halo.

As well as this it has a number of different modes that change the brightness and direction of light. The Halo is capable of producing up to 202 lumens in 360° around the wearer.

The Halo is powered by a single 18650 lithium-ion battery that produce 5.5 hours of illumination at the highest power setting. Rechargeable batteries are recommended.

Light Mode Details


Light Mode Description Use Battery Life
Halo Full brightness 360° to enable the wearer to see and be seen in all directions Use Halo Mode while moving around and performing a number of jobs 5.5 hours
High Alert An attention grabbing rotating/pulsing light to maximise the wearer's chance of being seen by others Use High Alert when flagging or signalling, while working around moving vehicles or machinery, or when you need to be more noticeable 14 hours
Task 200% power to the front third of the Halo illuminating the wearer's workspace out to the visual periphery Use Task Mode to fully flood your entire workspace right out to your visual periphery 5.5 hours
Dim A low-power 360° lighting solution for times when full brightness is not preferred Switch to Dim Mode when working in close proximity to others or having a face-to-face conversation 34 hours
Technical Specs


31 x 260 x 330 mm  
Battery Runtime  
With a fully charged ILLUMAGEAR 18650 battery, runtime on a single mode will exceed the following:  
Halo mode 5.5 hours
Task mode 5.5 hours
High Alert mode 14 hours
Dim mode 34 hours
Halo mode 202 lumens
Task mode 183 lumens
High Alert mode Fluctuating luminosity
Dim mode 41 lumens
3.7V @ 0.6 amps  
Safety Standards  
UL 1638. CSA C22.2 NO. 9  
UL 8750. CSA C22.2 NO. 250.13  
IEC/EN 60598-1, IEC/EN 60598-2-4  
IEC/EN 62031  
IP Rating 67
Dielectric strength 30,000V minimum
Compatible Hard Hats

The following list details compatible hard hats that have been confirmed to work with the Halo. If the hard hat you use is not listed the Halo will most likely still work, however if in doubt please get in touch with JEA. 

Make Model
MSA V-Gard Cap, Full Brim, 500 Vented; TopGard Cap, Full Brim; Skullgard Cap, Full Brim, Smooth Dome
Bullard Classic Series Cap, Full Brim; Standard Series Cap, Vented, Full Brim
Fibre Metal E1, E2; P2 Cap
North Peak A79, A69; K2 A29; Matterhorn A89; Summit A99
Jackson Block Head Full  Brim; Sentry III Cap; Safety Charger
Dynamic HP221, 241, 261, 341, 542, 741 Cap; HP 641, 642 Full Brim
ERB Americana; OMEGA, OMEGA II, Liberty
3M XLR8 Cap, Full Brim; H-700 Series Cap, H-800 Series
PIP Evolution 6100 Series Caps, Full Brims
ProChoice HHV6; HH6; PHHV6
Cordova H24 Series Caps; H34 Series Full Brims
Skull Bucket Full Brim, Regular Cap
Unisafe HC570 Vented; HC560 Unvented
Condor Cap Style
Centurion Concept Safety Helmet
Pyramex Ridgeline
Ordering Information


Product Part Number

HALO Safety Light - White

- White light

- Rechargeable Li Ion battery

- Charger not included


HALO Safety Light - Orange

- Orange light

- Rechargeable Li Ion battery

- Charger not included

HALO - Light - O

Single Charger

- Single battery charger

- Li Ion / Ni-MH

- Includes USB cable

- Battery type 18350


Dual Charger

- Dual battery charger

- Li Ion / Ni-MH

- Includes USB cable

- Battery type 18350


Quad Charger

- Quad battery charger

- Li Ion / Ni-MH

- Includes USB cable

- Battery type 18350


Li Ion Battery

- Rechargeable Li Ion battery

- Battery type 18350



See the video below for how a headlamp compares to the Halo. The Halo is vastly superior in every way!

Dropping the Halo from a scissor lift at 25 feet up.

Driving over the Halo with a Jeep.

Immersing the Halo in water for 60 seconds.

Dropping a heavy toolbox on top of the Halo.

Burying the Halo in mud then washing it in a tub of water.

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