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Hengstler C56 Kiosk Printers

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  • Paper width of 58 - 60mm
  • Print speeds up to 220mm/sec
  • Printhead heating time adjustment
  • Dot history pre-burn
  • Temperature dependent burn time corrections
  • Multi-strobe burn factor
  • Rotation of text, images and barcodes

Hengstler C56 kiosk printers are an extremely reliable and powerful range of printers. They also offer exceptional print speeds of up to 220 mm/sec as well as a variable paper width of 58 - 60mm. These printers can be simple printer mechanisms and control boards for basic printing functions to kiosk printers integrated into a variety of housing configurations, suitable for outdoor, unattended, and heavy duty applications such as transit ticketing, or gaming and wagering.

Choosing the right ticket printer is an important task when designing a kiosk or terminal and JEA has many years experience in advising customers on how to achieve a successful printing solution. Please get in touch with us by heading over to the Contact Us page and giving us a call or sending an email to our sales address.

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