Manufacturing and Design Industry

The manufacturing and Design industry is a broad and varied sector, ranging from small workshops and design houses to large scale production lines. JEA supplies hardware to integrate into these production lines as well as for new equipment. Our team of engineers and technical sales staff are ready to consult and design an ideal solution. We specialise in touch control systems, displays, printers, computers and cellular connections.

Industrial and Embedded computers


A completely sealed computer is a must in any harsh environment, especially dusty and hazardous ones such as factory floors. Fan cooled computers will quickly become clogged with debris and fail due to inadequate cooling. JEA can supply the perfect fanless computer to suit your workplace with various options in CPU, RAM, storage and ports.

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17in Winsonic Open Frame Marine Display

LCD Displays

LCD displays are the standard in today's world. They bring excellent colours, clarity and resolution all in a light weight package. JEA has supplied tens of thousands of LCD displays since the companies inception and our staff are industry experts when it comes to display technology.

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Robustel Industrial router and modems 4

Wireless Routers and Modems

Cellular data is exploding in Australia, with 4G connections fast becoming the norm in state capitals and 5G around the corner. JEA's range of cellular routers and modems are the perfect for backup cellular connections, portable equipment and devices that are too difficult and/or expensive to run a fixed line too (such as a security camera).

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Touch Screens

Touch screens are a major product for JEA and are one of our longest running product lines. JEA has partnered with specialist engineering and manufacturing firms throughout Australia to deliver bomb-proof (quite literally) designs to end clients. Pictured left is a 20mm thick touch screen in an explosion proof casing for use in extremely flammable environments such as oil rigs and underground mines.

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Kingdy industrial all in one PCs and touch monitors being used in industrial automation

Touch Monitors

Touch monitors are another major product line at JEA. While providing a similar function to our touch screen range, the touch monitors are more of an out of the box solution. Stainless steel chassis are available as well brushed aluminium (pictured) and black powder coat. Embedded fanless computers, wireless antennas, sizes from 7" to 42", up to IP67 rated and various mounting options are part of the huge range of options.

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Custom Plus2Printer 2


Thermal printers are cost effective and compact devices that are ideal for integrating and designing into equipment. JEA's enormous range of printers span various industries and applications to suit just about any product. Our printers are particularly focused on kiosk/terminal designers and manufacturers.

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