Manufacturing and Design Industry

The manufacturing and Design industry is a broad and varied sector, ranging from small workshops and design houses to large scale production lines. JEA supplies hardware to integrate into these production lines as well as for new equipment. Our team of engineers and technical sales staff are ready to consult and design an ideal solution. We specialise in touch control systems, displays, printers, computers, kiosk components and cellular connections.

Below is a summary of what products are applicable to this industry.

Industrial and Embedded computers
17in Winsonic Open Frame Marine Display
LCD Displays
Robustel Industrial router and modems 4
Wireless Routers and Modems
7in underground mine touch screen
Touch Screen Sensors
Faytech 15in IP65 High Brightness AIO
Industrial Touch Monitors
Horsent Open Frame Touch Monitor 2
Commercial Touch Monitors
Oracle Micros Cards
MagStripe Access Cards
Custom Plus2Printer 2
Industrial & Kiosk Printers
Shuttle BR06 Biometric Authentication System
Biometric Security
Compressor Based Air Conditioner
Industrial Air Conditioning
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