Medical Industry

The healthcare industry is constantly changing and bringing new technology on board. Portable devices such as tablets and laptops that have multiple uses, digital healthcare records and medical grade displays are a few examples of this. JEA supplies tablets and touch screens for use in the healthcare industry.

Medical Tablet

Medical Tablets

JEA supplies fully rugged tablets for healthcare, they are lightweight, water-resistant, shock and drop-tolerant and easily disinfected which meets the highest demands for mobility within healthcare environment. It allows healthcare staff to benefit from instant access to medical records at the point of care, provides accurate documentation of patient conditions and medication, and enables greater efficiency of clinical processes.

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H1314P-UH 1

Touch Monitors

Touch monitors are a very versatile and a cost effective way to integrate touch technology into an office environment. They are suitable for aesthetically demanding applications and are easy to use. Ideal for locker systems, access control as well as building control panels. 

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