Natural Resources Industry

The natural resources industry in Australia is enormous. It includes conventional fuel sources such as coal, oil shale and natural gas as well as mining raw materials such as iron ore, lithium, zircon, nickel, bauxite, copper, gold, silver, uranium and zinc. Diamonds and particularly opals are also part of the extensive mining operations in Australia.  JEA supplies a multitude of highly durable and reliable hardware to the natural resources industry. This is often through our design and manufacturing partners.

Below is a summary of what products are applicable to this industry.

Cellular Routers
Using a Zytronic touch screen with gloves
Touch Screen Sensors
Kingdy industrial all in one PCs and touch monitors being used in industrial automation
Industrial Touch Monitors
10.4in Open Frame Aviation LCD
Industrial LCD Displays
Industrial and Embedded computers
Industrial Computers
Large thermoelectric air conditioner
Industrial Air Conditioning
Custom PLUS4 Industrial Printer
Industrial Printers
Shuttle BR06 Biometric Authentication System
Biometric Security
Oracle Micros Cards
MagStripe Access Cards
Powercap Infinity
Safety Equipment & PPE
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