JEA Technologies will be exhibiting at the WORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY SHOW IN MELBOURNE THIS MAY, come and see the JSP Powercap Infinity protection against Silica, and Reactec, protection against hand arm vibration. - stand Number is L03
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VISIONARY PROTECTION EVO® Vista® is a next generation feature-rich safety helmet based on the proven Evolution® head protection technology. The EVO® VISTAshield® and the EVO® VISTAlens® helmets both incorporate fully retractable optical class 1 eye protection that is easy to deploy, adjust and maintain.
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Slideshow 2

JEA Technologies now distributing Printec Keyboards & Switches

Printec-DS is based in Germany and specialises in manufacturing keyboards and switches for Industrial, military, marine and other harsh environments.
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ZYTC048 D2P Sydney Olympic Park Totem

Zytronic chosen for prestigious Sydney outdoor wayfinder project

Zytronic’s all-weather projected capacitive (PCT™ and MPCT™) touch sensors are helping visitors to the Sydney Olympic Park navigate their way around.
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Victorian level Crossing Removal Projects trialling HAVwear

Victorian level Crossing Removal Projects contractor using the HAVwear to monitor Hand Arm vibration in real time
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WorkSafe Vic

Charges laid over silica dust exposure

WorkSafe has charged a stonemasonry business with failing to control risks associated with exposure to crystalline silica.
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worksafe qld

Vibration Causation, quantum

The court formed a good overall impression of Mr Tyndall as a witness and accepted that Mr Tyndall’s actual time spent operating the two loaders significantly exceeded that reflected in the available records from the employer, both in terms of number of shifts during the period and number of hours per shift.
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HAVs has real-world implications for employees and employers alike

"With over 30 nationwide infrastructure project in Australia, from Victorian Level Crossing Removal, to Sydney and Brisbane under river and harbour tunnels, to vast mining, energy, rail network and infrastructure works, the issue of HAVs and its impact on employees has become ever more important."
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Easy dairy 1 (2)

JEA Technologies and Easy Dairy Automation Systems

Based in the heart of the Goulburn Valley, Easy Dairy Automation Systems products and services can now be found in dairies around the world.
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JEA Linecard

JEA Technologies, Electronic Peripherals for Industrial and Commercial markets
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A flashover is a high-voltage spark or arc that passes through the air between an electrical conductor and a grounded conductive object. Flashover distance is the distance that the arc can travel through free air at a given voltage and set of environmental conditions. Conditions such as high humidity cause the flashover distance to increase, as there is more moisture in the air to allow electricity to conduct.
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JSP Force Typhoon™ 8 Half Mask Respirator used in the Australian Powder Coating Industry

The Force™8 twin cartridge half mask with Typhoon™ valve offers superior low breathing resistance and a 4-point suspension harness with quick release buckles. The mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber offering a superior fit to most face shapes. The mask accepts the full range of low profile Force™8 filters giving the Force™8 the flexibility to be used for many applications, providing filtering protection against particulates, many gases and vapours.
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JSP Filterspec® PRO Goggle FFP3V Valved used in the Australian Powder Coating industry

The unique patented FilterSpec® Pro™ effortlessly combines both eye & respiratory protection. The 5.5 base one piece polycarbonate lens offers optimal coverage and class 1 optics whilst ergonomically shaped soft goggle housing provides excellent levels of comfort and unbeatable levels of protection. Anti-Scratch coating as standard. FFP3V filtration giving 99% efficiency. FilterSpec® out exceeds EN149 for breathing resistance by more than HALF and performs over 3% above the standard for filtration efficiency. Includes white holder, 3 filters and spectacle with Clear HC & Anti-Mist Lens.
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Filterspec Box

Introducing the Filterspec® PRO Goggle FFP3V Valved

The unique patented FilterSpec® Pro™ effortlessly combines both eye & respiratory protection. The 5.5 base one piece polycarbonate lens offers optimal coverage and class 1 optics whilst ergonomically shaped soft goggle housing provides excellent levels of comfort and unbeatable levels of protection. Anti-Scratch coating as standard. FFP3V filtration giving 99% efficiency. FilterSpec® out exceeds EN149 for breathing resistance by more than HALF and performs over 3% above the standard for filtration efficiency. Includes white holder, 3 filters and spectacle with Clear HC & Anti-Mist Lens.
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Introducing the JSP EVO® 6100 Full Brim Wheel Ratchet

EVO6100 Full Brim™ Revolution™ Wheel Ratchet - White The EVO6100 Full Brim™ safety helmet combines a super strong HDPE shell with the comfort benefits of the Evolution® 3D-Adjustment™ harness system.
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Vista Lens

JSP EVO®VISTA® Lens coming to Australia in 2021

JSP UK will be releasing the ground-breaking new EVO®VISTA® Lens in Australia in 2021. AS/NZS1801
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Perth father first in Western Australia to launch legal action over silicosis related to engineered stone

Petronilo Ligutan was diagnosed with silicosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling silica dust, last year and is the first person in Western Australia to sue over what he alleges were unsafe conditions at four different companies.
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PowerCap® Infinity® is the very latest in PAPR technology, combining decades of innovation from JSP in the fields of respiratory, head, eye and face protection. Sonis® ear defenders can also be added to complete the wearer's above the neck protection.
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Sonis Ear_1

Sonis® ear defenders - SERIOUS NOISE REDUCTION™

The Sonis® range of ear defenders has been designed by the JSP R&D team. Working with a leading UK acoustic engineering research facility JSP have developed an ear defender range that peaks at an unbeaten 37dB SNR.
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JSP Introduces the Force Typhoon™ 8 Half Mask Respirator

The Force Typhoon™8 twin cartridge half mask with Typhoon™ valve offers superior low breathing resistance and incorporates a 4-point suspension harness with quick release buckles.
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Experience the 10th Gen Power Full-sized PC Performance in a tiny footprint

Shuttle DH-series is one of the most popular line-ups of XPC, now is adding a new member of DH410 supporting 10th generation Intel LGA1200 Comet Lake 65W CPU technology. Compact and rugged design, the small footprint desktop provides up to 10 core of performance boost for effortless multitasking and smooth video playback.
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Use Interactive Touch Screens to connect with your customers in retail.

Why It is time to use interactive touch screens to connect with your customers in a retail environment
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Horsent Open Frame Touch Monitor 2

JEA Technologies introduces a range of Antibacterial Touch Monitors

JEA Technologies Antibacterial touch monitor product range is ideally suited for a wide range of applications where the user needs to improve the public’s safety, such as retail, hospitality, museums, exhibitions, medical and aged-care etc.
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signotec zeta_3

Introducing the Signature Pad signotec Zeta

Like all other models, the signotec Zeta of the signotec family was developed completely “Made in Germany”. The device has an approx. 4.5“ (11.4 cm) large monochrome display and the popular, long-lasting ER technology.
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9_7inch epaper_news_2

Papercast unveils the new 9.7” e-paper passenger information display

The Papercast 9.7” e-paper display is available as part of the open frame range with solar, battery or mains power and wireless connectivity.
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Atax 1

Engineered Safety Illumination

Engineered Safety Illumination bought to you by JEA Technologies Unilite is a family owned business which was established in 1981 as a portable lighting supplier and has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading torch & flashlight manufacturers.
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Zytronic hover touch

Hover Touch - A touch screen that does not need to be touched

With the COVID virus making people more aware of the infection risks of touching surfaces in public areas, Zytronic have released a new touch screen range that allows the touch icons to be activated with bare or gloved fingers up to 30mm away from the surface of the touch glass
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Integrated Helmet Communications for Mining, Industrial and Construction industries

The EQ1 is a full duplex digital wireless system designed from the ground up using over 20 years military RF design technology experience
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New ZYBRID® VK – An ideal solution for Hygienic, all glass, Medical and Industrial Touchscreens

Zytronic touch/virtual button all-in-one design concept provides a cost-effective and infinitely configurable interface for rugged applications Touch technology specialist Zytronic has extended its capability and can now work closely with customers to design and manufacture projected capacitive user interfaces that combine a “traditional” dynamic touch area with surrounding capacitive keys. - Visit JEA Technologies for further information
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Zytronics Wet Weather

Zytronic Touch Screen performance in extreme wet weather conditions

Pcap touch screens are generally recognised as being able to perform in harsh environment. However, in really wet environments such as EV charging stations or outdoor kiosks some Pcap Touch screens suffer from false touches or are not able to reliably detect multi-point touches, especially of gloves are being worn.
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Premium Embedded PCAP Open Frame Touch Monitors

JEA Technologies is now distributing the TR series embedded open frame PCAP multi-point touch monitors, manufactured by AnyTouch, that provide an industrial grade & reliable solution with wide-angle viewing, outstanding image clarity & accurate touch response that is cost-effective for OEMs and systems integrators.
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HAVwear Live

Live track exposure with Reactec's new Bluetooth mobile app

A Bluetooth enabled HAVwear Live combined with a new Reacetc mobile App monitors real-time work situations, so companies can identify and address exposure risks on the ground, and not later.
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Reactec seeks international growth oppotunitites in Australia and Japan

Launched in 2016, HAVwear is a wearable wrist device that monitors in real time an individual’s exposure to vibration when using power tools. Reactec’s analytical platform provides cloud-based reporting which allows dynamic risk assessment and exposure reduction.
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Cough Guard 2 gives Crystal Clear Coverage

Wearing a half mask with our P3 filters means that 99.98% of the particles and droplets are filtered out from the inhaled air.
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Silica dust 2

Just a quick couple of cuts ........

"Just a quick couple of cuts...." he was told and the job could be finished before lunch.. A dangerous life changing picture from a construction site , seen around many work sites daily and handy men on weekends.
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Banner 1_Rugged+_20190716

KOE Industrial LCD Display Modules from JEA

JEA is pleased to announce that we have added Industrial LCD Display Module’s manufactured by KOE in Taiwan to our range of products that are suitable for high-end indoor & outdoor applications such as mining, agriculture, industrial, marine, automotive and medical.
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Boral 2

Rock solid reliability – how Zytronic’s rugged touchscreens are helping improve quarry efficiency

Newcastle, UK, 2nd June 2020. When looking to speed up the flow of trucks checking into its busy mines and quarries, Australia’s largest construction material supplier, Boral Limited, decided to apply ‘smart’ technologies. As a result, haulage drivers now use specially designed kiosks, with Zytronic’s interactive touch sensors, at Boral’s incoming and outgoing weighbridges to avoid bottlenecks.
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WorkSafe Vic

Dust containing crystalline silica - what you need to know from WorkSafe Victoria

WorkSafe Victoria has a detailed and informative page regarding dust containing crystalline silica, specifically aimed at the construction industry. Crystalline silica is a natural mineral found in construction materials such as concrete, bricks, tiles, mortar and engineered stone. The amount in each material varies but, it is always present and always dangerous.
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T Ryan

Tony Ryan shares his story; 15 to 65 in the building industry

Tony Ryan, an experienced carpenter from the UK has been working in the building industry for over 50 years. Unfortunately, seven years ago Tony was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) after noticing that his breathing was becoming abnormal - particularly when exercising or working hard. Tony regularly worked in dusty environments cutting asbestos, MDF and other materials for many years with no respiratory PPE.
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Silica dust grinder

Silica dust alert from WorkSafe Victoria

Silica dust can be harmful when inhaled and cause incurable lung disease, such as silicosis, which can be fatal. Between July 2017 and March 2019, 44 silicosis claims have been lodged with WorkSafe Victoria. Of these, 35 claimants were employed as stonemasons. People working in bench top fabrication are at higher risk, because they regularly work with reconstituted stone which can contain up to 95% crystalline silica.
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WHS show

JEA Technologies to exhibit alongside Reactec at the 2019 Workplace Health & Safety Show

JEA Technologies will be exhibiting alongside Reactec at the 2019 Workplace Health & Safety Show at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. The show will be running on the 23nd and the 23rd of May.
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Building products firm, Forterra, beefs up protections for it's workers with HAVwear

In what is believed to be a first for the building products industry, Forterra has invested tens of thousands of pounds in new vibration monitoring devices to help protect employees from the risk of excessive exposure to Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS), also known as Vibration White Finger.
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TouchMate cinema solution 1 - small

ZXY500 touch technology is just the (movie) ticket

Zytronic and its Australian partner, JEA Technologies, worked closely with TouchMate to design a custom, printed 53” Zybrid® touch sensor with ultra-narrow borders, made from 6mm-thick toughened anti-glare etched glass. Utilising cutting edge ZXY500 touch technology the touch sensor overcame the technical challenges of the project.
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construction site

Silica dust - a cancer risk you cannot see

It is estimated that around 600,000 Australian workers each year are exposed to silica dust at work, including miners, construction workers, farmers, engineers, bricklayers and road construction workers, as well as those working in demolition.
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ECS Logo

JEA Technologies is announced as official distributor for Elitegroup Computer Systems

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), a global leading manufacturer and solution provider for motherboards, mini PCs, notebooks and other technical solutions has announced a partnership with JEA Technologies to promote the award winning LIVA Mini System in Australia and New Zealand. With experienced manufacturing, ECS is committed to providing high performance, reliable and stable products and long-standing partnership.
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DH310 front right

DH310 Media PC

The Shuttle XPC DH310 is a slim Barebone PC with the H310 chipset for Intel Coffee Lake processors. It can feature Celeron to Core i7 CPUs and have up to 32GB (2 x 16GB sticks) of DDR4 RAM which means its hardware can be scaled up or down to suit many different applications
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ZXY500 logo news

New generation of control board released from Zytronic

Zytronic has launched a new generation of multi-touch controllers, which enable ultra-narrow inactive borders and improved compatibility with contactless systems.
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Be Seen, Be Safe

The VisiLite is an easy to use and simple safety light that can be clipped onto a workers hard hat. It can be seen up to 50m away and by design will not dazzle workers who are close by. It is ideal for workers who work in close proximity to traffic, moving machinery and low light environments.
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Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions feels consequences of not protecting workers against HAVs

Balfour Beatty, a UK based construction company, has been fined £500,00 and has incurred further costs of £195,000 after it was found to have been exposing it’s workers to Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) over a nine year period. That translates to a whopping 1.25 million Australian dollars in cost.
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H1314PA-C3855 AIO computer

New 13.3" All In One (AIO) and Open Frame Touch Monitor

The H1314PA-C3855 is compact and versatile All In One (AIO) computer. It features an Intel Celeron 3855 CPU and 4 GB DDR3 SO-DIMM RAM. There's also multiple storage options with SSDs ranging from 64 to 128 GB. It can support Windows and Linux operating systems.
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H&S show

JEA Technologies is exhibiting at the Workplace Health & Safety Show from 23rd - 24th of May

JEA Technologies is exhibiting at the Workplace Health & Safety Show from 23rd - 24th of May at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre. We'll be located at stand E12. JEA's business partner, Reactec, will also be present at the stand.
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HAVWEAR wrist device

Institue of Occupational Medicine (UK) validates HAVwear data collection

In a study by one of the UK’s most respected occupational health and safety organisations, data from Edinburgh-based Reactec’s innovative wearable monitoring technology for Hand Arm Vibration* has been independently validated.
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J. Murphy & Sons Limited - Tackling hand arm vibration

Hand-arm vibration (HAVS) is a well-documented condition that is known to develop as a result of repeated use of hand-held power tools. Once HAVS manifests itself it can cause significant ill-health, painful and disabling disorders of the blood vessels, nerves and joints.
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E-Paper Display - Single 13.3"

JEA Technologies has become the Australian distributor for Papercast products

JEA Technologies is proud to announce that it is officially the Australian distributor for Papercast products. Papercast designs and manufactures E-Paper (electronic paper) displays. Papercast is based in London, United Kingdom and they also have offices in mainland Europe and Japan.
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New $10 note 3

Next Generation of Banknotes: $10 Design Revealed

The Reserve Bank has today revealed the design of the new $10 banknote that will be issued into circulation from September 2017. The images show the basic design artwork on each side of the banknote.
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Power Sander

Hand Arm Vibration Safety

Hand Arm Vibration (HAVs) is a constant issue that needs your attention when using power tools. Too much exposure to vibration from power tools can lead to life long health issues, particularly affecting the hands and fingers.
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HAVWEAR wrist device 2

Reactec wins major construction industry award in the UK

Australian distributor, JEA Technologies, is proud to announce that Reactec has won the prestigious Technology Supplier of the Year award in the UK. Reactec’s flagship product, HAVWEAR, stole the show by demonstrating its huge potential to protect workers and change behaviours in industry for the better.
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HAVWEAR wrist device

Reactec wins health and safety award at Speedy Expo event

Reactec, the market leader in monitoring and management platforms for hand and arm vibration (HAV), has won the prestigious Health & Safety award at the recent Speedy Expo Awards for their ground breaking HAVwear technology which impressed the judges.
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Continental Tyres Australia chooses Chameleon by iSIGN Media Corp

As one of the leading tyre and brake experts in Australia, Continental Tyres Group was looking for a national solution for In-store digital signage. Working with Chris Pappas and the team at Melbourne based Inside100 Pty Ltd, Continental has been able to enhance the customer experience and improve the bottom line.
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Chameleon technology by iSIGN hits the mark in Australia

ARB 4 x 4 accessories retailer has added another store to its growing network. The new store in Traralgon, Victoria, is owned and operated by the ARB Bairnsdale branch owners, Daniel and Emily Rikken. Inside100 team proposed Chameleon with its Cloud based management software as the most cost effective and scalable solution for the Traralgon store.
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Safety in Action Show - Melbourne

Safety in Action is Australia’s leading occupational health and safety event dedicated to the safety, security and wellbeing of the Australian workforce.
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Force Sensing Technology pushed by Zytronic Displays

Zytronic, a leader in advanced, rugged Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™ and MPCT™) touch sensors today announced the addition of force sensing to its touch sensors allowing ATMs, kiosks, game terminals and interactive video walls to differentiate between a soft and hard touch.
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Zytronic touch screens find the way in Asia’s leading integrated resort through JEA Technologies and Abuzz Solutions

The Abuzz directories feature 40” landscape format Zytronic touch screens driven by the new ZXY110 touch controller. The 40" touchscreen design was a joint effort from the sales force and field knoweldge of the staff at JEA Technologies and the expert engineers at Zytronic.
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23% of users abandon apps after one use

Mobile has emerged as a way of life for consumers. As mobile continues to grow in importance, so have consumers’ expectations for it.
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H2214W 22" touch monitor running Touchtech Lima

JEAs new commercial and industrial 21.5" AIO PC

JEA announces the release of a new 21.5in AIO touch monitor designed for wall/pole mount applications in a range of commercial and industrial environments. The H2214PW employs proven Projected Capacitive touchscreen technology which supports 10-point touch.
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iSIGN Media and Dynamic Digital Strategic Solutions Announces a national mobile network trial with ScriptRelief for 225 locations

This trial is to be a test of public response to messaging, with a comparison of the acceptance to the messaging from the 25 NMN locations that are closest in proximity to hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies to the other NMN locations. The trial will commence upon the delivery of the advertising content that they want to broadcast.
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New AU $5 banknote, software release BB AU1183 & FL AU1520

JEA would like to announce that the Reserve Bank of Australia is releasing a new $5 note. These notes will come into effect in September of 2016, please make sure your payment product are ready to use these notes by updating their firmware.
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Chameleon for digital signage news

Chamelon for Digital Signage used in Traralgon ARB store

The Chameleon Digital Signage Platform by Canadian based technologies company, Deviceworx Technologies Inc, was chosen by the Inside100 team as the most cost effective and scalable solution for the Traralgon ARB store.
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H22 touch monitor news

New 18.5" and 21.5" touch monitor for wall/pole mount applications

JEA is pleased to release 2 new touch monitors, 18.5in and 21.5in designed for wall/pole mount applications in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.These bezel free touch screens, combined with the slim and compact housing, give these touch monitors a very attractive appearance which would suit the aesthetic needs of the most discerning applications.
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RX10 and RX10H, the thinnest and lightest handled 2-in-1 10.1" tablet

JEA is introducing the brand new RX10 fully rugged tablet and RX10H fully rugged tablet for healthcare.
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iSIGN Smart Antenna 4

iBeacon vs Smart Antenna

Comparisons between two objects must be exercised within context. For example, no one would compare a car to a couch—there is very little in common. Yet, people will compare a Smart Antenna to iBeacon, a clear example of where there is little in common.
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Horsent 42" PCAP touch monitor

JEA announces a new 42" PCAP Multi Touch Monitor

JEA is pleased to announce the release of a new 42in Multi-Touch PCAP Touch monitor, the H4214P. This monitor uses proven PCAP touch technology which supports 10-pount touch, to give high accuracy, fast touch response, and an excellent multi-touch experience to users.
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JEA Technologies announces collaboration with eHealth Consortium Group on Smart Antenna integration for public hospital and health services

JEA Technologies, ISIGN Media solutions distributor to the Australian digital signage and kiosk industry has announced today, a collaborative partnership with eHealth Consortium Group, to bring digital health proximity mobile messaging to the Public and Private Hospital and Health industry in Australia.
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The Chameleon Solution from JEA Technologies

For very minimal cost, the Chameleon solution addresses many of the shortcomings of USB stick signage. End users can take advantage of a number of features lacking in USB Stick offerings
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Horsent open frame touch monitor news

JEA releases a new range of open frame multi-touch monitors

JEA is pleased to release a new range of open frame, multi-touch, PCAP touch monitors with excellent specifications at very competitive prices.
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Dynascan- The worlds brightest LCD - DS551LT7

The worlds brightest LCD - DS551LT7

The worlds brightest LCD - DS551LT7 packs a 7,000 nit brightness rating and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1! With blackening defect free technology, D65K colour calibration and a 9.9mm bezel.
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ZYFILM Multitouch - a rollable, flexible Projected Capacitive touch film

Zytronic introduces ZYFILM Multitouch - a rollable, flexible Projected Capacitive touch film

Zytronic, the leading developer and manufacturer of advanced projected capacitive touch sensing solutions, has extended its offering with the introduction of a rollable and extremely flexible touch film to complement its range of award winning glass touch sensors.
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JEA Technologies is appointed the Australian distributor for iSIGN Media

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc, a leading provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves advertisers, manufacturers, retailers and advertising agencies throughout North America, announced JEA Technologies Pty Ltd has been appointed as iSIGN’s distributor for Australia.
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