Retail, Hospitality and Advertising Industry

Retail, hospitality and advertising all require high functionality, reliability alongside great looking hardware. Looks are everything when trying to catch the eye of shoppers and JEA has an extensive range of products to achieve this.

Dynascan display in shop window

LCD Displays

LCDs are king when it comes to in-store and shop window advertising as they provide superior colours, resolution and are very easy to set up. JEA has a massive catalogue of LCD's ranging from a standard 300 nit display up to a 7,000 nit sunlight conquering 55" screen as well as double sided LCD signs.

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Shuttle Slim PC front 3/4 view


Computers drive the content on displays used everywhere. Be it a small Intel Compute Stick to a powerful media server driving all the screens in a building - there's a computer involved. JEA has long term and close relationships with large component suppliers as well as knowledgeable staff. We can supply any PC you need for your retail and advertising displays.

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Abuzz Landmark kiosk using Zytronic touch screen

Touch Screens

Bespoke custom touch screens are one of JEA's many specialities. JEA has been consulting, designing and supplying these touch screens for many years to our clients throughout the retail, hospitality and advertising industries. Two of our most widely used touch screens are featured on the Abuzz Edge kiosk and the Abuzz Landmark kiosk (pictured).

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H2214W 22" touch monitor running Touchtech Lima

Touch Monitors

Touch monitors are an out of the box solution for plug and play interactive displays. They are cost effective and have a sleek modern design making them suitable for even the most chic venue or store. These touch monitors are also available as an All-In-One (AIO) which has a computer built in to the housing.

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Robustel Industrial router and modems 4

Cellular Routers and Modems

Running a fixed line to a digital sign isn't always the best or most cost effective method. This is especially true for portable installations. JEA's range of cellular routers and modems are ideal for digital signs that do not have an existing fixed line connection. Simply drop a SIM card into the router, plug it in and you're good to go.

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XH110G web 1

Media players

Media players are ideal for driving content to multiple advertising displays or a video wall. JEA has long term and close relationships with large component suppliers as well as knowledgeable staff. We can supply any media player you need for your retail and advertising displays.

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Content Management Systems (CMS)

JEA mainly supplies hardware, however in a some  instances we bundle CMS software with our hardware. Software such as MagicInfo from Samsung, DS² Display Manager from Dynascan, Chameleon for Digital Signage are just a few software suites available.

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E-Paper Displays

E-Paper is a new and innovative technology in the digital sign market. It is primarily used in E-Reader tablets such as Kindles however recently advances in technology has allowed E-Paper technology to be used in digital signs It is the most power efficient digital display in the world, only using power when it changes the image on the screen. Ideal for signs at bus and tram stops as well as airports. 

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B8 paywave, swipe and insert payment options

Cash and Cashless Payment

Cash and cashless payment are the two broad terms that can group payment devices. JEA specialises in cash payment devices such as Bank Note Acceptors, Recyclers, Bill to Bill and Universal Hoppers as well as cashless devices such as encrypted payment systems.

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