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Vending Note Recycler (VNR)

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  • Programmable recycler module holds up to 30 bills
  • Smallest footprint for increased retrofit potential
  • Tamper-evident sensors
  • 4 second total transaction speed (bill to insertion to completed bill stacking)
  • High visibility

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Perhaps no other vending technology available — past or present — provides the tangible, immediate, return on investment that note recycling does. First introduced in 2007, this transformative solution mimics the brick and mortar retail experience for an unattended retail location by paying back bills as change to consumers.

It’s the VNR Recycler that changes the unattended point of sale with note recycling.

Built off the VN Series platform, an ancillary module was later designed to enable recycling capability in VN2700 validators already operating in the field. Easily affixed to the rear of VN2700 devices, recycling functionality can be deployed at any time, offering operators greater flexibility to decide where and when to implement.

There are no communication fees with note recycling, no loss of online machine connectivity. Recycling simply changes the point of sale for the better.

Acceptance Rate 95% or greater
Bill Insertion Lengthwise, four-way (face up or down, either direction)
Transaction Speed Approximately 4 seconds (bill insertion to completed bill stacking)
Interfaces MDB
Power Supply 22 to 45 VDC
Power Consumption

Standby: 5 W

Acceptance: 15 W

Full stack max: 20 W

Weight 2.26 kg

Operating Temp: -15° ~ 60°C

Storage Temp: -40° ~ 70°C


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