Cough Guard 2 gives Crystal Clear Coverage

jsp cough guard 2

14th July 2020.  Introducing Cough Guard 2 from JSP

Wearing a half mask with our P3 filters means that 99.98% of the particles and droplets are filtered out from the inhaled air.

However, the Exhaled air will go through the exhalation valve and may contain Particles or Droplets that could potentially lead to contaminating someone.

The common practice here is the following:

  • In ICU wards / units the staff wears FFP3 non-valved respirators + a Faceshield and will dispose of these after each patient interaction.
  • On normal wards, the staff wears a Half mask + Coughguard or a Full Face mask and filters are replaced every 28days.

The non-valved disposable respirators offer that practicality of filtering the inhaled and exhaled air. However they are too uncomfortable for prolonged use.

The valved respirators may lead to further contamination, its true, however most of the droplets are caught by the valve cover and remain within the mask.

Half masks and full face masks proved the most successful because you can clean & disinfect them, the choice of sizes is appealing ( especially for female staff with a smaller face) and they are comfortable to wear.

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