eLert Arc Safety Device

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  • Microprocessor filtered capacitive non contact voltage detection
  • 200 mm to 5 m detection distance based on voltage
  • 415 V to 500 kV at 50 / 60 Hz alternating current
  • 68 dBa warning buzzer
  • Clips onto the inside of a JSP Evo 5 hard hat
  • Designed to fit JSP EVO5 Safety Helmet (AS/NZS1801)

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The elert device can be used by Linesmen, Electricians, Maintenance workers and machine operators to alert of unsafe proximity to sources of electricity. The device is integrated to a hard hat and alerts when the user is within the exclusion zone of H.V. electrical conductors. The device uses patented sensing technology to analyse electrical fields and determine hazardous proximity. The device is designed to complement existing methods of isolation and testing of electrical apparatus by providing a ready indication while working should the supply be unexpectedly energised.

The Safety elert is clipped into a JSP AZ/NZS1801 compliant hard hat, without affecting the normal usability of the helmet.

The device uses an inductive sensing circuit and a smart filtering circuit which filters unwanted interference from radio frequency and other sources, minimising nuisance alerts. Patented technology looks for sources of 50hz and 60hz, indicating presence of power. The sensor is designed to activate from 5Kv at a distance of 2 metres.

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