iBeacon vs Smart Antenna

iSign smart antenna

Comparisons between two objects must be exercised within context. For example, no one would compare a car to a couch—there is very little in common. Yet, people will compare a Smart Antenna to iBeacon, a clear example of where there is little in common. The root cause is that the misinformation about iBeacons leads the public to believe it is some powerful technical device, when it is simply an electronic QR Code that requires an application instead of a camera to read it.

This listing addresses only the comparable points between the Smart Antenna and iBeacon. The list of abilities that the iBeacon system lacks compared to the Smart Antenna is separate. Note that the iBeacon is not a functional device without an application and infrastructure to support it, while the Smart Antenna is totally self contained.

Below are two examples of the information available in a brochure detailing the differences between iBeacon and Smart Antenna. You can download this brochure on our Smart Antenna product page.

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