iSIGN Media and Dynamic Digital Strategic Solutions Announces a national mobile network trial with ScriptRelief for 225 locations

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ScriptRelief is the largest provider of discount prescription card services in the United States. ScriptRelief partners with a variety of companies and organizations including hospitals, municipalities, charities, debit card companies and membership organizations and has negotiated large volume discounts with the leading pharmacy benefit manager, Catamaran, on over 50,000 medications.

This trial is to be a test of public response to their messaging, with a comparison of the acceptance to the messaging from the 25 NMN locations that are closest in proximity to hospitals, medical centers and pharmacies to the other NMN locations. The trial will commence upon the delivery of the advertising content that they want to broadcast. ScriptRelief has the option to expand the trial to a two month period.

This will be a paid trial, with payment for the monthly broadcasting once all final impressions and results have been reviewed and evaluated at the conclusion of the trial period.

A successful conclusion to the trial would potentially result in installations into a network of locations in the United States at or near drug stores, hospitals, medical facilities, and high traffic locations. There are an estimated 66,000 pharmacies in the U.S alone. These would serve as an adjunctive marketing channel to its current direct-to-consumer and partner centric marketing efforts.

iSIGN’s Smart Antenna is a commercial quality unit, that is waterproof and fully tested to operate within extreme temperature ranges of -40 to +180 degrees Fahrenheit, that does not involve apps and the related downloads, and the requirement to surrender personal and private information in order for messages to be received, viewed and acted upon. There is no cost to the recipient to connect to or receive messages from the solution, as messages are delivered by Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi. The information gathered by the Smart Antenna and patented technology is completely anonymous, in that it cannot in any way identify the individual that the technology is interacting with. Some of the information gathered includes the make and model of the mobile device; acceptance or rejection of messages; date, time and location of each interaction; and time spent within range of the system. All of this ‘Big Data’ is of considerable interest to users of the technology, as well as to data integrators.

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