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Easy Diary A Automation System

18 March 2021 – David Chandler, CEO of Easy Dairy Automation Systems located in Shepparton, has been working with JEA Technologies for over 10 years.

Based in the heart of the Goulburn Valley, Easy Dairy Automation Systems products and services can now be found in dairies around the world.

Designed and manufactured in Shepparton, the EASY ID system has become the herd management program of choice by over 2000 Australian dairy.

Easy Dairy Automation Systems is a leading Australian Dairy technology company who’s primary focus is the development of advanced easy to use automated dairy farm products.

Some of the team of Easy Dairy with the Easy Draft System and Easy ID.

JEA Technologies supplies and provides support for Industrial PCs and Open Frame Touch Screens to Easy Dairy Automation

As well as supporting companies like Easy Dairy Automation, JEA Technologies also works closely within the areas of Dry Land Farming, Cereal Cropping, Cotton, Irrigation, Nut farming, Fishing and Marine industries.

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