JEAs new commercial and industrial 21.5″ AIO PC

Touch Monitor with Lima

JEA announces the release of a new 21.5in AIO touch monitor designed for wall/pole mount applications in a range of commercial and industrial environments.
The H2214PW employs proven Projected Capacitive touchscreen technology which supports 10-point touch. This translates to an excellent multi-touch experience for users. It’s wide screen LCD panel can display more content than standard aspect ratio and will be the preferred choice where a larger viewing area is desired. It can cope with various commercial or industrial environments with high display resolution and brightness. In addition, being LED backlit not only helps to save power consumption but also to decrease weight and thickness.

An Intel i5 CPU, 4GB and 8GB RAM options and SSDs from 64GB to 256GB of storage space make the H2214PW an excellent all round package. It comes with built in WiFi and a concealable antenna as a standard configuration.

The H2214PW has CE, FCC and CCC approvals, a compact form factor and can be easily mounted via it’s rear VESA mount.

JEA offers a range of operating systems configured to customer requirements and installed on these AIOs.

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