Papercast unveils the new 9.7” e-paper passenger information display

Papercast 9.7” e-paper passenger information display

The Papercast 9.7” e-paper display is available as part of the open frame range with solar, battery or mains power and wireless connectivity.

Ideal for cost-optimized projects, it enables customers to get essential live passenger information to more bus stops, where high-end features aren’t a priority. It also satisfies customers requiring smaller displays for installation in smart bus shelters, totems or kiosks, or for low-frequency bus stops.

This new model is the result of extensive development, with the challenge of reengineering Papercast’s advanced e-paper driver (EPD) board into a more compact format. It is also exceptionally light, weighing only 1kg. The display and its components are fully protected in a ruggedized IP65 plastic moulded enclosure with an aluminium backplate and integrated mounting plate.


By selecting the 9.7″ display, customers benefit from cost savings derived from lower production costs. This is predominantly because it is offered without the usual upgrade options of illumination (also contributing to its extraordinary light weight), built-in voice to speech and interactivity.

“We are excited to finally fill this low-cost gap in the market and look forward to the opportunities it presents. The Papercast 9.7” e-paper display is still very much a high-end product, available at a price point that will make budgets go much further,” comments Robert Bicket, CEO at Papercast. “We work with cities and transport operators all over the world, all at various stages of maturity with different economic factors at play. This takes us another step closer to helping them to keep more travellers reliably informed with live passenger information.”

Papercast is transforming the way operators provide passenger information at the bus stop. E-paper offers exceptional outdoor readability, even in direct sunlight, making it an ideal replacement for paper bus stop timetables. Couple this with wireless connectivity and exceptionally low power consumption, and the displays can be battery powered and installed completely off-grid.

Additionally, Papercast’s sophisticated cloud-based management system offers simple integration with open data standards, as well as the ability to control every aspect of the displays and its content remotely. Transport authorities can now provide live arrivals and other information to passengers at bus stops where previously it would not have been feasible.

If you would like further information  on any of Papercast range of standalone or open frame E-Paper displays please contact us or have a look at the E-Paper range from Papercast

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