10.1″ Lightweight Rugged Medical Tablet

  • Integrated 2D barcode scanner
  • Rugged drop protection – up to 5 ft
  • Integrated CAC / Smart Card reader
  • Intel 5th generation CPU
  • Dual hot swappable batteries
  • Integrated RFID reader for user authentication
  • Active digital stylus
  • Medical grade EN60601-1 standard
  • Light weight design
  • Single hand bar code scanning with convenient carry handle

Rugged Medical Tablet

The CyberMed Rx is a medical grade tablet that is also a true industrial tablet. It can withstand drops of up to 5 feet and is in compliance with the MIL-STD-810G (516.6-VI. Transit drop test). The CyberMed Rx Rugged Medical Tablet is ideal for environments where it is likely to be dropped or exposed to shocks and vibration.

The CyberMed Rx is IP65 sealed. The entire unit is waterproof and dustproof, including the speakers, the ports and the fan. In addition to enhancing its durability, being completely waterproof also allows for thorough cleansing and disinfecting of the unit.

Ideal as a Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA)

The CyberMed Rx is a rugged, powerful tablet that’s perfect as a mobile clinical assistant. Features like scanners, front and back cameras, smart card readers and VESA mounts make the CyberMed Rx a powerful, rugged, healthcare solution.

Medical professionals can use the CyberMed Rx as a point of care solution to enable them to spend more time on patients while remaining connected. Access and update patient records with real-time information, manage prescriptions and improve patient care with functionality designed for healthcare professionals. The digital camera enhances the nurses’ ability to chart a patient’s progress. The hot-swappable batteries ensure uninterrupted patient care.

Completely Antimicrobial Exterior

The CyberMed Rx is the first medical grade tablet where the entire exterior is antimicrobial. Not only does it have an antimicrobial housing, but the Gorilla Glass is also antimicrobial too. It is ideal for environments where preventing the spread of microbes is a priority, such as the OR, ER, ICU, laboratories or clean rooms. It is also a good choice for medical device manufacturers that need a fully antimicrobial medical tablet as part of their OEM solution.

Hot-Swappable Batteries

As well as this the Rx has two hot-swappable batteries with a long battery life. The tablet continues to function with only one battery. It has a front and back display of available battery power.

A user can swap out the batteries on the fly without turning off the unit or interrupting work flow. When in use, it takes approximately two hours to recharge the batteries. It only takes one and a half hours to recharge a battery in the battery charging station.

Desktop Docking Station

Use the RX Medical Tablet like a computer on its own desktop docking station with a convenient tilt function allowing you to tilt the face of the tablet for ease of use. The desktop docking station recharges the batteries on the tablet and also comes with a two battery charging cradle so you can easily hot swap the tablet’s batteries.

The docking station comes with a DC jack, 2 x USB 2.0 ports, an RS232 port for legacy hardware, 100Mbps NIC and an HDMI port.

VESA Mount

The RX medical tablet comes with a VESA Mounting Bracket with the standard VESA mount options. The VESA mount has two USB ports, an RS232 port, a NIC port, HDMI and a DC Jack. You can mount your medical tablet on a mobile cart, wall or on any surface that works with the standard VESA holes option.

Multi Battery Charging Station

Charge up to six batteries simultaneously in the multi-battery charging station, this is different to the docking station. The hot swap feature of the tablet allows you to swap out batteries on the fly so that the tablet can be used continuously. With spare batteries available, in less than a minute you can swap out the batteries on the Rx with a fully charged one and begin recharging the batteries previously used in the unit. It takes approximately 1.5 hours for the batteries to recharge in the battery charging station. Batteries charged in the docking station or while in use take slightly longer to recharge.

Antiglare & Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass Touch Screen

10 Point PCAP multi-touch touch screen with Gorilla Glass. The Gorilla Glass touch screen is very durable which protects it from scratches and abrasions. The PCAP (projected capacitive) touch screen has high image clarity.

The capacitive touch screen works with surgical gloves.

The antimicrobial touch screen ensures that the entire unit is antimicrobial which makes it ideal for sterile environments and where the spread of germs is a concern, such as operating rooms, the ER and clean rooms.

Integrated Biometric Reader / RFID

Secure your CyberMed Rx with the optional integrated fingerprint scanner or RFID. Supports Imprivata Single Sign-On.

Single Hand Barcode Scanning

The CyberMed Rx has an integrated barcode scanner built for ease of use. With one hand, you can easily scan patient wrist bands, prescriptions or any other barcoded item. Rather than putting down whatever you are carrying to scan an item, you can “scan and go” increasing productivity and workflow.