Air XD Real Time Particulate Monitor

  • PM size range 0.35 μm ~ 40 μm
  • Measure common PM sizes such as 1.0, 2.5, 4.5 and 10
  • PM density range between 0.8 ~ 8 g/ml
  • +/- 5% accuracy
  • Up to 10,000 particles analysed per second
  • Analyse collected data in software package
  • -10 ~ 40°C operating temperature range

The Air XD Real Time Particulate Monitor (RTPM) uses lab grade precision laser technology to continuously measure particulates of multiple sizes in harsh and hazardous environments. Air XD RTMP can be used to collect and monitoring data and leverage this to implement controls to reduce risk to workers. The Air XD is intended for use in tunnelling, quarries and hard rock mines, steel works, foundries and blast furnaces, cement and glass manufacturing, construction, cutting or manufacturing of heat-resistant bricks, grinding and polishing operations and fracking.

Deployment, installation and configuration of the Air XD is very easy. All that needs to happen is for the device to be securely mounted and turned on – that’s it! Once the system checks are completed, the Air XD will begin to log data. This data can be fed into a software package for data visualisation and analysis; live and historic data, graphs and more can be viewed or downloaded via the software.

Deployed as a standalone dust monitor or as part of a wider dust control and suppression system, the Air XD is super accurate; within +/-5%. Particulates are analysed in sizes from 0.35μm to 40μm, this includes PM 1.0, 2.5, 4.25 and 10. For operation wide control and visibility, data from the monitors can be fed into a SCADA interface.

The Air XD is lightweight and durable. It contains no pumps or filters meaning it has ultra-high reliability and requires very little maintenance.

A brochure is available for viewing and download on the left side of the page.

Take a look at how Trolex used an Air XD monitor to collect and record data regarding airborne silica levels at a mineral processing site. The accurate real time data empowered the client to be able to take effective action against the hazard.

Measurement Range0.1 μm/m³ up to 1500 mg/m³
PM Size Range0.35 ~ 40 μm
Includes PM 1.0, 2.5, 4.5,10 and TSP
PM Density Range0.8 ~ 8 g/ml
Default 1.65 g/ml
Averaging Period1s ~ 24 hrs
Maximum Particle Count10,000 per second
Accuracy+/- 5%
Flow RateDynamic
1.2 l/m nominal
Humidity95% non condensing
Operating Temperature-10 ~ 40°C
Relay OutputsTwo configurable (alarm outputs)
4-20 mA OutputsTwo configurable (real-time readings)
Display128 x 64 dot matrix display with back light
ButtonsFive navigation (membrane keyboard)
CommunicationsRS485 data output with MODBUS protocol
Power100 V to 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
9 V to 30 V DC
Weight7.1 Kg
Data Storage>10 years
Data DownloadUSB