Antibacterial Touch Monitor

• Available in various sizes 15.6”, 18.5″, 21.5″, 23”, 32″ etc
• Nano-silver surface film for anti-bacterial
• Effective against most types of germs
• Fingerprint resistant / Stain resistant
• Open-frame
• Bezel free and Slim design
• Multi-touch with gesture recognition
• Perfect for wall and pole mount
• Great for healthcare kiosk, interactive digital signage
• Windows 7/10 compatible

The JEA Technologies Antibacterial touch monitor product range is ideally suited for a wide range of applications where the user needs to improve the public’s safety, such as retail, hospitality, museums, exhibitions, medical and agedcare etc.

This touch monitor range utilizes a reliable anti-bacterial nano-silver film which is effective against most types of germs at more than 99%. With the spread of the COVID19 virus, people are more aware of the infection risks of touching surfaces; this product range can help reduce that risk in public areas.

These displays are reliable commercial-grade IPS LCD display panels, and PCAP multi-touch sensors to give a high-quality user experience and can be easily mounted by rear VESA-mount or side-flange mount.