Custom PP54 Kiosk Ticket Printer

  • ISO7811 ticket HD full graphic printing/scanning capability (300Dpi)
  • 1D/2D Barcode reading to accept and validate the ticket
  • Modular system (ticket separator and printing/reading unit)
  • Up to 3 coupons management
  • Ticket ejecting/retracting/collecting
  • Heavy outdoor conditions
  • Full ticket scanning capability in 2 directions (in 4 directions optional)
  • RGB led on paper mouth
  • Paper rolls/fan fold
  • RFID
  • Plastic card management
  • Dual feeder (optional)
  • Buster/cutter

– Printing, reading and issuing tickets in less than 1 second
– Receipt printing
– Handles up to 3 coupons
– Reading & Validating ticket
– Capturing & Ejecting tickets

Easy maintenance: the weared components can be replaced directly on-site! All the sensors can be simply dismantled with a screwdriver and the printing roll can be changed when the printer is already mounted.