Custom TK180 Metal Ticket Printer

  • Best print quality (200dpi or 300dpi)
  • Paper width: from 20mm to 82.5mm
  • Paper thickness: 70/255 gr/m2
  • Speed > 200 mm/s
  • Tear off
  • 100Km head life
  • RS232 + USB + ETH interfaces

The TK180 Metal ticket printer is one of the smallest combined printer with high reliability features.The ticket printer can handle paper thickness up to 255 gsm and tickets from 20mm to 82.5 mm wide. It is equipped with a powerful internal processor and hot swap function. Printing speeds are fast with speeds at > 200 mm/s. RS232 + USB + ETH interfaces allow for easy integration or product design. The TK180 Metal ticket printer supports True Font characters and 2D barcodes, it is capable of managing logo drag & drops. In addition to the most common sensors, it is also equipped with the new mobile sensor, capable of identifying black marks or gaps on the non-thermal side of the paper.