Infrared Touch Screens

  • 17″ ~ 250″
  • Up to 48 touch points
  • Custom display sizes available
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS

Shenzhen Timelink is an innovative manufacturer of infrared multi-touch overlays and touch-screen components for the electronics industry. Ranging from 17’’ to a gigantic 250’’, with accurate touch response and cost-effective solutions designed for easy integration into computer displays, digital signage and larger format screens; Timelink develops the hardware necessary to bring multi-touch technology to life!

The touch overlays can come with up to 48 touch points for incredible user interaction. Customised display sizes can be made on request in sizes starting at 84″ up to 250″.

Supports Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS.

Some applications for Timelink products:

  • Retail& Shopping centres
  • Exhibitions &Public information
  • Marketing& Promotions
  • Museums& Art Galleries
  • Hospitality & Research
  • EducationalPurposes