IP Power 9255AU 1-Port PDU

  • Built-in HTTPS web browser GUI for each individual power socket control and advanced management
  • 1 output port supported (Australia Socket)
  • Schedule power on/off at specific time & date
  • Auto-ping for troubleshooting and self-diagnosis
  • Email Alert for your target event occurs
  • HTTPS/CGI, Telnet Command available
  • Software SDK available
  • Operating Temperature: 0° ~ 50°C

The IP Power 9255AU is the smart PDU (Power Distribution Unit) that is capable of powering ON/OFF device remotely. The IP Power 9255AU utilises Inrush Current relay design for extra protection. The maximum current output per port is 8A. Power input is rated between 100 and 240 VAC

Remote connectivity is one of the key features of the IP Power 9255AU. The device enables peripheral to be controlled by a remote administrator. Commands can be input via smart phone or PC. All traffic between the IP Power 9255AU and the remote administrators device is encrypted via HTTPS and SSL in a web browser and SSL SNMP when sending commands via email. Remote control can also be performed with vendor provided software.

9255AU is ideally suited for a wide range of applications where the user needs to schedule power-control of lighting, digital signage and digital poster, such as shopping mall, retail, showrooms, museums, exhibitions etc. It will achieve an time-scheduled operating such as 08:00 am – 19:00pm and reduce labour resource on-site. Further, the feature of auto-ping IP address is another big advantage to trouble-shoot which peripheral device is down, then 9255AU-S reboots those abnormal peripheral only.