Kingdy Industrial Touch Monitors and Displays

  • IP65 rated enclosures
  • High brightness panels available
  • Integrated touch screen available
  • Optional integrated fanless PCs
  • Large variety of ports
  • Built for harsh environments
  • 4:3 and 16:9 LCD panels
  • IP65 stretched LCD displays
  • Optional wide viewing angle panels
  • -20°C ~ 50°C rated models

Kingdy Industrial Touch Monitors are designed to work in harsh environments as excellent Human Machine Interface (HMI) devices. Kingdy’s products have numerous design features which enables them to survive the unforgiving nature of industry on electronics. Some examples of this are IP65 or IP66 rated enclosures and sockets, high quality components as well as wide operating temperature ranges.

Kingdy manufacture a huge range of different displays, touch displays and panel PCs to suit just about any industrial application. Please get in touch with JEA to discuss your project requirements, head over to the Contact Us page for our contact details.

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