Litemax Durapixel High Brightness LCDs

Sunlight Readable
Wide Product Range from 6.5″ to 85″
High Brightness up to 4000 nits
LED Backlight Technology
High Efficiency & Low Power Consumption
Long MTBF Life, over 100,000 Hours
High Pixel Quality – PPI and Colour Saturation

The spirit of Durapixel indeed lies with its name, durability. Commercial-grade LCD displays, due to the competitive pricing structure, are unable to offer more than MTBF of 30,000 hours, which will not be sufficient for any applications that require around-the-clock operations. System designers, integrators and users serious about rugged, industrial displays for demanding environments need to look no further – the unfailingly robust and high-quality Durapixel is the key to each of your success.

For more info please see Litemax Durapixel Product List.