Omega (NFC) Signature Pad

  • 5″ (12.8 cm) color display with 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Integrated manual filing for convenient signature capture
  • Special foil surface for precise pen input
  • Batteryless pen with special spring-loaded refill
  • Acquisition of 1,024 pressure stages
  • Very high sensor resolution of 1.388 x 1.040 ppi
  • Transmission rate of the 4D signature data at 500 Hz
  • Only one USB cable for connection
  • Patented security for the conclusive signature of PDF documents
  • RSA encryption of the handwriting characteristics in the pad
  • Internal secure signature creation device
  • SlideShow with up to 10 images in standby mode
  • Optional: NFC reader (Near Field Communication)
  • Individual design options and OEM production (colours and logo printing)
  • Optional: Virtual COM-Port (FTDI)
  • Optional: signotec USB-Ethernet Adaptor
  • Optional: NFC Reader
  • It is not possible to switch between the USB and FTDI operating modes.

The signotec Omega is compact and appealing in design – the construction enables highly ergonomic signing, because the rounded sides allow a smooth transition of the ball of the thumb from the signature pad to the table. This pad is equipped with an approx. 5-inch (12.8 cm) color display, a signature capture with 1,024 pressure levels and a transmission rate of up to 500 Hz, enabling you to set clear accents at your POS.

The pen and RTP sensor provide a writing experience almost like on paper and the pen itself has the size and haptics of a real biro. The pen does not require any electronics or power supply and is therefore inexpensive to replace and the pad can still be used even if it is lost. The vertical holder allows the pen to be gripped quickly and easily.

In addition to the functionalities for signature capture, the signotec Omega can optionally be equipped with an additionally integrated NFC reader. Near Field Communication is the international transmission standard for wireless data exchange and enables an extremely secure and fast data transfer. The areas of application of NFC are very diverse; it can be integrated into PC applications and peripherals, as here in the signotec Omega. Near field communication can also be embedded in individual chip card readers and in electronic identity applications (eID).

Like all models of the signotec signature pads, the signotec Omega was developed entirely in-house “Made in Germany “, combining decades of experience and competence. Furthermore, all signature pads have unique security features, such as the signature and RSA encryption in the pad’s secure memory. Due to the flat surface without edges between sensor and housing, all pads offer an extremely comfortable signing experience.