SAFEGUARD EWP (Elevating Work Platform)

  • 3-Axis Detection
  • High Voltage Protection
  • Interlock System


EWP use in the workplace is responsible for significant workplace incidents worldwide. Industry regulators around the world report increasing incidents, accidents, and damage from EWP contact, with serious injury, plant and infrastructure damage, lost productivity, insurance claims and lengthy investigations also resulting from EWP accidents.

Safeguard EWP is the latest in industrial proximity detection, designed to protect your personnel and your organisation from the risks of elevated work environments.


3-Axis Detection:

Featuring 3-axis teardrop hazard detection and 3 graduated proximity alarm settings, Safeguard EWP detects and warns the user of impending hazards before they make contact.

High Voltage Protection:

High voltage powerline detection systems to prevent electrical accidents.

Interlock System:

Optional wireless control interlock automatically stops the motion when safe distances are compromised. But allows EWP to move away from the obstacle.

Extra Features:

  • Easy to operate
  • Retro-fittable to all EWP’s without modification
  • Global safety certificates


  • Engineered Control
  • Safer than a spotter
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve efficiency
  • State of the art sensor technology rather than physical contact protection
  • Safeguard EWP does not require physical contact
  • Mitigate the crush & electrocution risks in your workplace
  • Simple install, minimal downtime
  • Customisable to your workplace needs
  • Save on accident investigations & accidental damage


The only system on the market to engage the worker protection function before an Elevated Work Platform (EWP) incident occurs. Safeguard EWP is the latest in industrial proximity control.

DISCLAIMER: Crush and/or electrical incidents may result in injury or death. Use of multiple systems reduces risk of incident and SafeGuard, GUSGuard & GUSGuard Pro should be used as an operator aid and backup system only. It is not a substitute for suitable experience, training, safe work procedures and due care. The information contained on this brochure is of a general nature only. It should not be relied upon to assess risk so you must separately assess and verify risks before use. Product capability and operation is dependent on correct system selection, firmware, setup and installation and maintenance by appropriately qualified and authorised personnel. For further information on whether the system is right for you please contact our sales staff. For details on the product capabilities see the relevant Product Manual.