Sonis® Compact Low Profile Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 31dB SNR AS/NZS 1270:2002

  • The Sonis® range has been stylishly designed with a traffic light colour code for easy identification. Materials have been chosen for both performance and comfort for extended periods of use.
  • APPROVALS: AS/NZS 1270:2002
  • Item Code: AEB030-0CY-0AN

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Industry leading noise reduction

The Sonis® range of ear defenders have been designed by the JSP R&D team. Working with a leading UK acoustic engineering research facility they have developed an ear defender range that peaks at an unbeaten 36 SNR.

The World Health Organisation has identified noise-induced hearing loss as being the most common permanent and preventable injury in the world. With tinnitus now the third most serious non-fatal medical condition it is little wonder that hearing protection has been raised to category III in the new PPE Regulation

Category III as defined in the PPE Regulation ‘includes exclusively the risks that may cause very serious consequences such as death or irreversible damage to health’. With harmful noise now rated category III it is essential that the correct hearing protection is selected.

After four years of research, development and significant investment JSP are proud to launch the new Sonis® high performance ear defender range.

The Sonis® helmet mountable range of ear muffs are compatible with JSP EVO® 5 hard hats as well as the JSP Powercap® Infinity®.

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Sonis® Part Number AEB030-0CY-0AN