The worlds brightest LCD – DS551LT7

dynascan - world's brightest LCD screen

Dynascan Technology Inc. has a reputation for making some the brightest sunlight readable LCDs in the world. With the recent release of the DS551LT7 they have taken the crown for the worlds brightest LCD. The new DS551LT7 packs a 7,000 nit brightness rating and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1! In addition to this it has local LED dimming, blackening defect free technology, D65K colour calibration and a 9.9mm bezel.

  • LED backlighting with local dimming. Providex very high contrast ratio’s (1,000,000:1 dynamic). With direct local dimming, darker areas of an image receive less backlighting than lighter areas, as opposed to CCFL and edge-lit LED backlights which illuminate an entire screen at all times causing blacks and dark areas to appear washed out.
  • Blackness Defect Free in direct sun. Most residential and commercial screens will blacken or result in isotropic failure when the LCD panel overheats.  The DS551LT7 is equipped with a high temperature LCD panel capable of withstanding temperatures up to 110˚C (230°F) without blackening – crucial for direct sunlight applications.
  • Uniform Colour Temperature and Quality. Ensuring the colour and brightness of each screen in a tiled matrix matches can be time consuming and requires additional calibration hardware. Each DynaScan DS551LT7 screen is individually colour calibrated to the D65 (6500K) CIE colour standard. Not only does this produce a true, natural white, the colour of all screens will be uniform.
  • Narrow Bezel for Video wall applications. The DS551LT7 features a 9.9 mm narrow bezel display – perfect for video wall applications.  With built-in video daisy chaining, a single 1080p source can be used on video walls up to 6×6 in size without the need for any additional external video wall controller. By combining a narrow bezel display with the benefits of a high brightness LED back light, these displays are ideal for indoor environments that receive a high amount of external daylight such as airports, shopping centres and storefront window displays.


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