Use Interactive Touch Screens to connect with your customers in retail.

interactive touch screen in retail store

Consistent messaging is key to promoting and selling your product in a retail space. Basic information like pricing, range and availability are better communicated via an interactive touch monitor or kiosk. Leaving your highly trained staff to handle the more nuanced aspects of retail sales when dealing directly with customers.


Customers are already used to communicating via touch screens thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and tablets. The E-Commerce experience, now more than ever, is something all shoppers are familiar with. Providing an easy, interactive, and customised experience, instore, is just another way to engage with your customer. It makes sense to offer the same experience that customers can get online. The best part about this is that the experience is driven by the customer. It allows them to find what they are looking for quickly and easily and fulfil their demand on the spot.

Interactive touch screens in a retail environment also offer the retailer the ability to offer other selling opportunities. These can range from competitions to coupons and even gain feedback from their customers in return for rewards. Incentives for coming into your store may be offered via a redemption coupon that they can scan or enter into the touch screen in your store. When not in use an interactive touch screen becomes a great audio-visual advertising medium in the form of a video with music, showcasing the latest advert or just a simple slideshow of product features and benefits.

Having an Interactive Touch Screen in your retail space tells your customer something about your business and your brand, that you and your company are forward thinking and willing to engage with your customers in multiple ways.

Best of all a Touch Screen solution is relatively inexpensive and return on investment is high.

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