Touch technology in Zone 1 classified environments

touch screen on an oil rig

The installation of electrical equipment in heavy processing facilities, such as oil refineries and chemical plants, can be very hazardous. In such demanding settings, flammable gases are likely to be present, so it is vital that every possible precaution is taken to ensure any sparks caused by electrical switching activity or fault conditions do not ignite these gases.

A solution had to provide extreme ruggedness, while at the same time possessing a high degree of usability. A touch screen interface was a logical choice, but the specification was certain to prove a challenge, as the front surface had to be very thick and completely sealed so that isolation was kept in line with IEC 60079.0/1 certifications and an IP66/67 moisture/humidity protection rating was maintained. Thus, the ET4255-HL was designed. It is manufactured in Adelaide by APC Technology.

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