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JSP introduces a new standard in head protection – EVO® VISTA® SAFETY HELMET – AS/NZS Approved 1801, 1337

EVO® Vista® is a next generation feature-rich safety helmet based on the proven Evolution® head protection technology. The EVO® VISTAshield® and the EVO® VISTAlens® helmets both incorporate fully retractable optical class 1 eye protection that is easy to deploy, adjust and maintain.

The safety cell concept prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and impacting the scalp. In addition, the eyewear cannot make contact with the scalp, preventing injury should the eyewear be forced back on to the safety cell. Ideally suited to Shotcrete workers, mining conveyor service teams and scaffolders.

EVO® VISTAshield® and EVO® VISTAlens® have been specifically designed to maximise compatibility with JSP respirators such as Force™8 PressToCheck™ and Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range.

The EVO® Vista® range come in either the EVO® VISTAshield® or the EVO® VISTAlens® and JEA support and stock both helmet types in Australia
For more information contact sales@jeatech.com.au or call 03 8736 0330.

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