JEA Technologies announces collaboration with eHealth Consortium Group on Smart Antenna integration for public hospital and health services

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JEA Technologies, ISIGN Media solutions distributor to the Australian digital signage and kiosk industry has announced today, a collaborative partnership with eHealth Consortium Group, to bring digital health proximity mobile messaging to the Public and Private Hospital and Health industry in Australia.

“We’re very pleased to be working with JEA and the ISIGN Media Smart Antenna solution in the Public and Private Hospital sector, said Garry Ganis CEO and Jasen Hill Director of Technology at eHealth Consortium Group. With our MultiMed solution we have been looking for a cost effective proximity messaging technology to improve Public health messaging, and provide additional information about medical services available on site using a Hospitals digital signage. The Smart Antenna by Isign media provides that solution.

Traditional static public health information in public spaces in Hospitals no longer meet the needs of the mobile, digital generation, and apps and beacons are not relevant to the public passing thru Hospitals, seeking immediate information Mr Hill said.

Hospitals and Outpatient services will be able to message patients and the community more effectively onsite seeking Public or Private Health services. More than this Hospitals and State and Federal Govt Health departments are looking for analytics to measure the effectiveness of getting their message, and onsite services out to the public in this digital age cost effectively. The resulting data and metrics collected by Isign Media Smart Antenna will allow Health Departments and Hospitals to better develop and focus Preventative health messaging, Mr Hill said.

“Our plan at eHealth Consortium is to work with JEA and the digital signage industry to provide proximity messaging solutions to the health sector in identifying the most effective locations to locate the ISIGN Smart Antenna”, CEO Garry Ganis said.

“We are looking forward to a long and rewarding collaborative partnership” with ehealth Consortium Group, said Craig Kinder, JEA Technologies Director. The need for analytics and provision of services on site in the Health sector is happening now as we move more and more into the mobile digital age and IOT.

About eHealth Consortium Group– based in Melbourne. Providers of Multimed software solution for the Health and allied medical services sector. Nursecall & Systems integration, Digital services, Aged Care SeniorLink..

About JEA Technologies – based in Melbourne, established in 2004, JEA is a technology focused company that is a leading providing to the Australian and New Zealand digital, interactive signage and kiosk industry. Partners include, Intel, Shuttle, Zytronic, Horsent, Robustel, Deviceworx, Arbor Australia, DynaScan

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