IL-SIG1 LED Inspection Light

  • Red, amber and green signal lights
  • Solid or flashing signal light settings
  • 600 lumen inspection light
  • 200 lumen torch
  • Adjustable kick stand
  • USB rechargable
  • Built in magnetic hook
  • 5 to 24 hour battery life
  • IP54 rated housing

The IL-SIG1 is a high-quality signal light that is perfect across multiple industries. By use of Red, Amber and Green lights, you can use it to signal your intent and warn other as to the hazards in the vicinity. High quality Samsung LEDs are featured on the IL-SIG1 and can either be used with a solid or flashing light function. The various coloured lights are operated from individual switches, meaning you can quickly access the lighting colour that you desire. In addition to these signalling lights, the IL-SIG1 also has a 600 Lumen SMD inspection light and a 200 Lumen torch in its head. This means it can also be used for any number of maintenance and inspection work, or just simply as a bright light to help you work safely.

Powering the IL-SIG1 is a rechargeable 4400 mAh Li-ion battery. This is easily charged via DC-USB, keeping costs low and allowing recharging to be performed from any available USB port. Thanks to the development of modern batteries, the unit has a strong 4 and a half hour runtime and can be recharged quickly in 6-7 hours.

With Unilites heritage as an industrial torch manufacturer, the IL-SIG1s construction is understandably robust. Its housing has been made from ultra-strength polycarbonate, keeping it safe and secure when in operation and giving it a 1m impact resistance. Built into its housing is an ultra-strong magnetic hook, providing a versatile tool which allows for hands free operation. If the unit is being used at a floor level, then the multi positional kickstand can be deployed, keeping it well positioned to deliver a strong spread of light.

The IL-SIG1 is the next generation of signal light and provides an innovative and modern alternative over the older signal lights on the market.

LED Samsung branded
Inspection light600 lumens
Torch 200 lumens
Battery 1 x 3.7v 4400 mAh Li-Ion
Run Time4.5 to 24 hours
Beam Distance 52m
IP Rating IP54
Weight 334g
Height 205 mm
Width 60 mm