JSP PowerCap® Active™ Powered Air Respirator

  • 160L/min air supply
  • TH1 Respiratory Protective Device
  • APF 10 rated
  • Integrated cap protects user against bumps and scrapes
  • No need to face fit test
  • Provides cool filtered air for up to 8 hours on a full charge
  • PowerBox™1 battery pack

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PowerCap® Active™ IP

PowerCap® Active™ IP (Patent Granted) is a lightweight, firm fitting, ergonomically designed positive pressure respirator, designed to protect the user from dust and most airborne particulate pollutants to EN 12941+A2 TH1P. PowerCap® Active™ excels in very dusty environments within light industry (machining and milling), agriculture (livestock, poultry farming, grain silos), landscaping, and food processing. Powercap® Active™ IP incorporating bump cap protection and impact faceshield with high protection against flying particles. Complete with faceshield, two TH1P filters, one battery pack, and one charging dock. Conforms to EN 166, EN 812+A1, EN 12941+A2 TH1P.

Powered Air
Respiratory protection to EN 12941:1988 TH1P. Assigned Protection Factor 10 (UK classification) equivalent to an EN 149 FFP2. Mask gives a cooling, comfortable supply of filtered air at 160 litres per minute eliminating breathing resistance and visor misting.

Bump Cap Head Protection
The cap uses JSP Hardcap A1+™ bump cap technology, exceeding the A1 version of EN 812. The cap is also easily removable and machine washable for hygiene purposes thanks to the patented connection mechanism of the cap and visor.

Powercap® Active™ PowerBox™1 battery pack
The new PowerBox™1 battery pack features a micro USB connection for simpler, faster charging. A built-in fuel gauge reports battery level on demand. The charging cable connects directly to the battery pack, reducing the number of parts by removing the dock station used with the original PowerBox™.

Attached by rivets, 1mm thick polycarbonate with aluminium edges providing impact protection

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Ordering Information

Product Part Number
PowerCap® Active™ respirator

– Impact protection

– 1mm thick PC Visor

– 8hr multi plug

– Black

Replacement filter pair CAU601-001-100