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About us

JEA Technologies Pty Ltd was established in 2003 as a specialist distributor of electronic peripherals covering Australia and New Zealand. We focus on industrial, professional and commercial applications.  JEA has partnered with leading global manufacturers to bring their products to Australia and New Zealand, and we provide in depth technical, commercial and logistics support to our customers on these products.

Our people are product specialists who have many years’ experience working with the products, suppliers and customers. This experience has often made a significant contribution to the successful deployment of our customers projects and helped avoid costly reworks.

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs from both technical and commercial perspectives, and we then recommend optimum solutions to meet our customer’s needs. We back up this consultative process with in depth stock, logistics services, and in house repair services that can provide both warranty and non-warranty repairs and spare parts.

JEA specialises in touch screens, touch monitors, commercial and industrial LCDs, cash and cashless payment products, computer products and thermal printers for kiosks.

The main products supplied by JEA include:

  • LCD Displays
  • Touch screens and touch monitors
  • Computers
  • Wireless modems and routers
  • Payment peripherals
  • Card and ticket dispensing
  • Printing Peripheral

At JEA we offer our customers value add services such as:

  • Configuring peripherals to customers specific requirements
  • Touch screen integration onto LCD's or other mounting mechanisms
  • Sub contract assembly of complete kiosks or other electronic hardware

Display Products

LCD Displays

LCD displays from JEA range in size from small hand held screens  to very large displays, 80 inches and larger, and can be used in a wide range of environments harsh industrial to more benign commercial applications. They can also be used in outdoor “sunlight readable” applications, LCD walls, Kiosks, Gaming machines, shop windows and many other applications.

  • Dynascan high brightness LCD in shop window
  • An industrial open frame LCD
  • Tumi-shop-window-LCD

Touch Screens

JEA also supplies an excellent range of touch screens that are carefully selected to be the best solution for every application. JEA specialises in supplying customised glass, foil and infrared touch screens from reputable manufacturers.

  • A Zytronic glass touch screen features at the Taipei 101 tower information kiosk
  • A multi touch curved glass touch screen
  • Zytronic-touch-foil

Payment Products

JEA supplies and supports peripherals that can handle a diverse range of payment tasks, including note and coin validators and acceptors, card readers and card dispensers and peripherals to produce and validate tickets.  Such peripherals are often used in applications that require very high up time and protection against fraud and vandalism, and can often make a significant impact to the profitability of the business that operates these products. JEA takes great care to offer Payment Products that can meet these exacting requirements.

These products are manufactured by companies that are market leaders in their field including CashCode, Telequip, NRI, Nidec Sankyo and MCF.

  • Sankyo-1
  • Bill-validator

General “Kiosk” peripherals

JEA strives to supply a “one stop shop” for all peripherals used in kiosks. These include Industrial grade PC’s, ticket and receipt printers, OEM bar code scanners, and power supplies.

  • Industrial and Embedded computers
  • Epic 880 thermal printer
  • Riotec-scanner


In addition to providing these peripheral JEA offers a wide choice of value added services including:

  • Warranty and non warranty repairs and spare parts

  • Logistics, including VMI, Consignment Stock, JIT

  • Design assistance

  • Sub Assembly Manufacturing

  • Contract Manufacturing

  • Soldering-electronics
  • Circuit-boards
  • Desoldering-a-circuit-board